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Spotlight – Boating Magazines by Alan Geere

“There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boating magazines.” With apologies to Ratty, Alan Geere gets his feet wet in a buoyant publishing sector.

Posted on: 03 June 2016

Anatomy of a local media marketing department by Will Hattam

Archant has ambitious plans and it’s in a hurry. The company’s stated aim is to be the best local media company in the UK by the end of 2017. The clock’s ticking. Central to achieving this goal, says Will Hattam, is the company’s marketing department.

Posted on: 03 June 2016

Keeping innovation affordable by Mary Hogarth

Diversity in publishing is essential for survival. Mary Hogarth takes a look at List for Life – an innovative new title to emerge from Time Inc’s Innovation Lab.

Posted on: 03 June 2016

Jeff Moriarty - interview by Ciar Byrne

Over the past year, Johnston Press has been relaunching the websites of its major regional titles and the early indicators, in terms of traffic and ad revenue, are encouraging. Ciar Byrne talks to Jeff Moriarty, chief digital and product officer, about their strategy.

Posted on: 03 June 2016

Creating a LinkedIn Strategy for Your New Magazine by Amanda MacArthur

LinkedIn can be a highly effective tool for disseminating your content and growing your subscriber base. But, as with all social media, writes Amanda MacArthur, you first need to come up with a strategy and a plan… and then you need to follow it through.

Posted on: 03 June 2016

Gender imbalance by Liz Gerard

Is the disproportionate number of pictures of un-newsworthy women in our national press an essential circulation prop or a demeaning way to treat half their potential readership? Or both? Liz Gerard investigates.

Posted on: 03 June 2016

RCNi by Jo Bowman

The Royal College of Nursing is the world’s largest professional body for nurses and RCNi, its publishing arm, publishes a wide range of print titles and online resources and organise a growing number of events for its membership. As Rachel Armitage tells Jo Bowman, it’s a digital-first, mobile-enabled, community-focused offering.

Posted on: 03 June 2016

‘Ad-Blockalypse’? What About Social Hijacking? by Karlene Lukovitz

If I had a dollar for every article about ad blocking that’s been published in the last year, writes Karlene Lukovitz, I’d be spending my time deciding which tropical paradise to retire to.

Posted on: 03 June 2016

Succeeding in the Free Market by Stephanie Hyde

In recent years, there has been a surge in the launch of free titles. Having worked in the free distribution sector for thirteen years, Global Media Hub’s Stephanie Hyde is well placed to know what works and what doesn’t in the free distribution market.

Posted on: 08 May 2016

In Memoriam: Kevin Hand 1951-2016 by Barry McIlheney

Former PPA Chairman Kevin Hand died last week after a short illness. Barry McIlheney, CEO of the PPA, pays tribute.

Posted on: 14 April 2016

10 keys to successful digital transformation – Q&A by Carolyn Morgan

Yesterday, Carolyn Morgan presented an InPublishing ‘Top Tips Webinar’, entitled ‘10 keys to successful digital transformation’. In the Q&A session that followed Carolyn’s presentation, we ran out of time before all the questions could be answered. Here, Carolyn provides a follow-up Q&A.

Posted on: 14 April 2016

Shift 2016 - review by Ray Snoddy

On 1st March, at the British Library, Newsworks held its fourth annual Shift conference, at which the great and the good of the national newspaper world discussed the opportunities and threats facing their sector. Ray Snoddy was there.

Posted on: 01 April 2016

An App I Like: IBM Watson Trend by Luke Bilton

Never buy a bad present again with IBM Watson Trend, the pocket-sized personal shopper which can predict the future! Luke Bilton is impressed with the data-driven trend analysis app.

Posted on: 01 April 2016

Covers: Four trends and a truth by Andy Cowles

Covers still count! Even in this age of declining print sales, a great cover can still drive sales and, when picked up by social media, can create unstoppable momentum for an issue – just ask Vanity Fair. Andy Cowles looks at trends in cover design.

Posted on: 01 April 2016

Mobile: there’s a new kid on the block! by James Evelegh

At a time of great change in the mobile marketplace, and steeply rising platform costs, Belgian mobile specialist Twixl media is partnering with London based The App Lab to launch its platform into the UK market. James Evelegh talks to Laurent Gerniers and Craig Llewelyn-Williams about why they think Twixl Publisher might just be the right product, at the right price and at the right time.

Posted on: 01 April 2016

Monetising your readers when they’re not there by John Barnes

Just imagine it – one of your subscribers is reading content on a rival site and … you’re making money! Brilliant, and of course quite impossible in the pre-digital age. Smart publishers are, says John Barnes, now tracking and monetising their audience as they travel round the web.

Posted on: 01 April 2016

Spotlight – Wedding Mags by Alan Geere

Dee-di-di-dee, Dee-di-di-dee. Yes, that is, of course, Here Comes the Bride heralding the march of wedding titles to a newsstand and mobile device near you. Alan Geere takes you down the aisle.

Posted on: 01 April 2016

The BBC and the Press – can they co-exist? by Peter Preston

It’s been a love hate relationship right from the start, but one which has got progressively more fraught with the onset of digital and the decline of print. Is the antipathy justified and can they ever work together? Peter Preston says there are some common sense solutions, certainly at a local level, if both parties are prepared to compromise.

Posted on: 01 April 2016

July-Dec 2015 ABCs: a media buyer’s view by Jamie Higginson

With many publications experiencing circulation decline, how valuable is circulation analysis to the industry and, asks Jamie Higginson, what metrics should advertisers and agencies be considering when making investment decisions?

Posted on: 01 April 2016

Video – making it pay by Martin Belam

If the future is video on mobile, how do publishers get in on the act? Monetisation, distribution and production challenges loom large, but, writes Martin Belam, if publishers keep experimenting and watching the metrics, then they’ll get there.

Posted on: 01 April 2016

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