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Small is beautiful by James Evelegh

The PPA held its annual Independent Publisher Conference on 9th December at the Brewery, in London. Put on for the benefit of publishers with under £10 million turnover, InPublishing’s James Evelegh felt right at home.

Source: InPub Weekly # 270 17/12/2015

My PPA Business Media Summit takeaways by James Evelegh

The PPA held its annual B2B shindig at the Intercontinental Park Lane hotel in London on the 24 November. James Evelegh went along, in search of the secrets of B2B success.

Source: InPub Weekly # 268 02/12/2015

Paper – the choice does matter by James Evelegh

“Paper’s paper” seems to sum up the prevailing view at some magazine publishers of one of the essential raw ingredients in print publishing, and this represents a major missed opportunity. Denmaur Independent Papers’ Julian Townsend and Peter Sommerville tell James Evelegh that there is a myriad of options that directly affect the look and feel of your publication.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2015

Change is the new stability by James Evelegh

Last Thursday, the European Information Industry Network Conference took place at the Emirates Stadium in London. The theme of the day was ‘digital growth, speed and agility’. James Evelegh was there taking notes.

Source: InPub Weekly # 263 29/10/2015

I was there and you’re a liar by James Evelegh

At last week’s AOP conference, BBC journalist Kate Adie gave an impassioned defence of good old fashioned eyewitness reporting and it’s continuing relevance in the digital age. Forget being first to publish, urged Kate, concentrate on getting it right. James Evelegh listened to her fascinating keynote address.

Source: InPub Weekly # 260 08/10/2015

Kick out the trolls – how to reclaim Comments by James Evelegh

The Comments section of many newspaper sites have become virtual cesspools, full of bile, vitriol and aggression; a dark netherworld dominated by trolls, spammers and other digital low-life. But … it doesn’t need to be this way! As DiscussIt CEO Graham Davies tells James Evelegh, with the right approach and tools in place, Comments really can deliver all the incredible benefits that come from deeper reader engagement.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2015

Managing Change – the Immediate Way by James Evelegh

At the PPA Festival in May, in a panel session entitled ‘Culture and Change’, Immediate Media CEO Tom Bureau gave us his insights into how best to drive through change.

Source: InPub Weekly # 242 04/06/2015

Society’s loss… by James Evelegh

At the PPA Festival last Thursday, four leading CEOs were asked what job they would be doing if they hadn’t gone into publishing…

Source: InPub Weekly # 241 28/05/2015

Sleeping with the enemy by James Evelegh

In the face of ever increasing cost pressures, how can the newspaper and magazine industry ensure a sustainable future? As Chris Birch, IT Director at News UK, tells James Evelegh, there is one option which would have been unimaginable a few years ago – working with rival publishers to share costs and expertise.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2015

Broaden Your Circulation Horizons by James Evelegh

In the good old days, life was simpler for circulation departments. You had your newsstand sales and you had your subs. Add them together and you got your total circulation figure, which the commercial teams sold advertising against. Alas, as Chris Horn, MD and founder of Gold Key Media, tells James Evelegh, this is no longer enough. Publishers need to find new circulation channels.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2015

Independent Publisher Conference – Review by James Evelegh

The PPA held its annual Independent Publisher Conference at the Montcalm Hotel, Marble Arch in London last Friday. James Evelegh was there, taking notes.

Source: InPub Weekly # 219 11/12/2014

AOP Autumn Conference – the main talking points by James Evelegh

The AOP held its annual autumn conference in London on 9th October. James Evelegh listened as keynotes and panelists spelt out the main opportunities and challenges facing digital publishers today.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2014

How to increase dwell time by James Evelegh

In the whirlwind of modern media consumption, it has never been more important to increase engagement with your publication, be it online or in print. As Martin Stephens, MD of PA Images, tells James Evelegh, pictures are a great way of engaging with your audience.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Sep/Oct 2014

PPA Re_Invented – the way ahead for consumer publishers by James Evelegh

On 22 May, the PPA held its annual conference in the open plan basement setting of B1, Location House in London. The theme of the day was ‘reinvention’ and what consumer publishers needed to do to create a profitable future. James Evelegh was there.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2014

What’s stopping you launching a free title? by James Evelegh

Publishers launch things. That’s what they do! Launches are the beating heart of the industry. Ten years ago, launches were mainly print, whilst now they are as likely to be digital, but either way, launches are still the lifeblood of publishing and publishers should be seriously looking at the free sector for their next one, Sally Summerhayes tells James Evelegh.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2014

How to innovate by James Evelegh

The Digital Media Innovation Conference 2014, organised by the SIIA’s Information Industry Network took place on 8 April at One Wimpole Street, London. The theme of the day was innovation and a range of excellent speakers looked at the importance of innovation and how media companies could themselves become more innovative. James Evelegh was there.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2014

Reaching the hard-to-reach by James Evelegh

The world is full of potential readers, but how do you reach them? PressReader offers an exciting additional route to market which can place your branded content in front of many millions of new readers, and it costs you nothing. Nikolay Malyarov tells James Evelegh why the service is such a win-win proposition.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2014

Lead 2014 – Review by James Evelegh

On Thursday 30 January, the Advertising Association held its annual summit, Lead 2014, at Kings Place in London. There was an impressive line-up of speakers and James Evelegh came away mulling over two clear opportunities for publishers.

Source: InPub Weekly # 177 07/02/2014

Sell, Sell, Sell: EMAP’s sales culture by James Evelegh

At last autumn’s PPA Digital Publishing Conference, writes James Evelegh, one of the best presentations came from Tracey Davies, managing director – retail, live events & recruitment at EMAP. Her talk was entitled ‘Making success inevitable: innovative approaches to growth’.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2014

The new old kid on the postal block by James Evelegh

Publishers keep their suppliers and potential suppliers under constant review; are rates competitive, are we getting value for money, are they offering new services which can help us gain competitive advantage? Well, there is a major new player, albeit one with over 45 years’ experience of the UK publishing scene, in the postal and fulfilment market – Asendia, and, as Ed Raynard tells James Evelegh, they are keen to talk to publishers about their unique new offering.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2014

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