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Scale Prevails by Karlene Lukovitz

There have been several important – and at least two momentous – developments in the US magazine media industry since I checked in with you last fall, writes Karlene Lukovitz.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2018

Amid New Revenue Push, Video Is The Solution Du Jour by Karlene Lukovitz

In this instalment of her now six-monthly round-up of key US publishing trends, Karlene Lukovitz sees an industry struggling to close the revenue gap but one demonstrating unprecedented levels of innovation.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Sep/Oct 2017

‘New’ Magazine Models Include (Wait for It) Paid Subs by Karlene Lukovitz

Karlene Lukovitz spots some encouraging trends in the US, with some publishers successfully growing subs and erecting paywalls.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2017

The Press = Doubleplusungood, says “Our Fearless Leader” by Karlene Lukovitz

Last issue, Karlene Lukovitz wrote that the core questions for the fate of the US now are how far the current occupant of the White House will go in trying to bully the press, and how stalwart the press proves in fulfilling its fourth estate role while under siege by the president…

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2017

Critical Questions for the Year Ahead by Karlene Lukovitz

A new year! A time for hope and optimism; a time for reassessing life’s challenges and facing up to them with renewed vim and vigour … or … err … not? Seldom has a new year dawned with such a sense of foreboding. Karlene Lukovitz, for one, is anxious.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Second Inning, New Lineup by Karlene Lukovitz

It appears that the large consumer magazine media companies are wrapping up the initial stage of transitioning away from print dependence, and bringing in a new (or revised, anyway) lineup of players to tackle the next stage… while further consolidating and reducing head counts, writes Karlene Lukovitz.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Autumn of Our Discontent by Karlene Lukovitz

Over the past several months, writes Karlene Lukovitz, the pace of change at the large US-based magazine media entities seems to have accelerated.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Sep/Oct 2016

Integration Tech Enabling Majors to Focus on International Opportunities by Karlene Lukovitz

The dominant US-based magazine media companies continue to expand their digital and data capabilities through internal initiatives and investing in or acquiring synergistic companies, writes Karlene Lukovitz.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2016

‘Ad-Blockalypse’? What About Social Hijacking? by Karlene Lukovitz

If I had a dollar for every article about ad blocking that’s been published in the last year, writes Karlene Lukovitz, I’d be spending my time deciding which tropical paradise to retire to.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2016

Not-So-Strange Bedfellows by Karlene Lukovitz

The ongoing media revolution is not only eliminating weaker brands and publishers, writes Karlene Lukovitz; it’s compelling the remaining players to rethink traditional print methods and models, even as they push ever farther into third-party digital distribution and non-traditional brand extensions.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2016

Coming Attractions by Karlene Lukovitz

While 2016 is bound to bring more dizzying change and unexpected developments, Karlene Lukovitz presents her thoughts on a few of the newer issues and trends that will shape the magazine media business in the months ahead.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2016

All the News That's Fit to Like by Karlene Lukovitz

While politics aren't the business of this column, writes Karlene Lukovitz, the political arena is where the most important ramifications of the media revolution are becoming evident.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2015

Innovating to 'Cross the Chasm' by Karlene Lukovitz

Anyone following magazine media news, writes Karlene Lukovitz, is bound to be impressed by the ever-quickening pace of new brand extensions, partnerships and digital acquisitions and innovations – even as overall head counts have mostly dwindled.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Sep/Oct 2015

After Newsstand’s Fizzle, Will Apple’s News App Deliver? by Karlene Lukovitz

Apple’s recent announcement of its soon-to-be-released News app has stirred things up a bit. Karlene Lukovitz gauges publisher reaction.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2015

Can Digital Editions Be Jump-Started? by Karlene Lukovitz

US publishers are realising significant cross-platform audience growth as a result of investments in digital, and particularly mobile and video. Sales of digital editions, though, writes Karlene Lukovitz, continue to disappoint.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2015

Your Ad Here by Karlene Lukovitz

Predictably, writes Karlene Lukovitz, the latest developments on these shores can be viewed as positive, exhilarating progress; neutral change; unfortunate but necessary change; or steps backward, depending on the beholder's agenda and background. In many cases, the reality is a mélange of these.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2015

A Glimpse of the Accelerated Year of 'Reinvention' Ahead by Karlene Lukovitz

Not long ago, MPA - The Association of Magazine Media promulgated an industry name change, from magazine publishing to "magazine media". But, writes Karlene Lukovitz, that moniker may also soon be obsolete.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2015

The Big Get Bigger by Karlene Lukovitz

In the media game, including magazine media, the advantages of economies of scale and massive reach to key demographics have reached a tipping point, writes Karlene Lukovitz.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2014

How Restless Are the Natives? by Karlene Lukovitz

Passionate objections from journalists not employed by the companies that are dropping traditional barriers between editorial and advertising aren't likely to change the industry's direction at this point, writes Karlene Lukovitz.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Sep/Oct 2014

Change Comes, Painfully, to the US Newsstand Channel by Karlene Lukovitz

The US newsstand industry is in disaster recovery mode, writes Karlene Lukovitz, following the late-May demise of the nation's second-largest wholesaler, Source Interlink Distribution (SID), which had an estimated 30% share of the magazine retail distribution business.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2014

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