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Digital Publishing Challenges for 2017 by John Rahim

John Rahim’s article in the Publishing Partners Guide 2017

Source: Publishing Partners Guide 2017 03/02/2017

Opportunities & Threats: Consumer Media by James Tye

James Tye's article in the Publishing Partners Guide 2017

Source: Publishing Partners Guide 2017 03/02/2017

Surfing the paper waves! by Julian Townsend

Julian Townsend's article in the Publishing Partners Guide 2017

Source: Publishing Partners Guide 2017 03/02/2017

Opportunities & Threats: B2B Media by Colin Morrison

Colin Morrison's article in the Publishing Partners Guide 2017

Source: Publishing Partners Guide 2017 03/02/2017

Opportunities & Threats: Customer Publishing by Nicola Murphy

Nicola Murphy's article in the Publishing Partners Guide 2017

Source: Publishing Partners Guide 2017 03/02/2017

Building value in media businesses – Q&A by Carolyn Morgan

This week, Carolyn Morgan presented one of our Top Tips Webinars – entitled ‘Building a valuable media business - 7 ideas for 2017’. The webinar generated a variety of questions from publishers in the audience. Here are the answers, including those we didn’t have time to tackle during the broadcast.

Source: InPub Weekly # 326 26/01/2017

Publishing Post-Brexit: Priorities for a New Age by Owen Meredith

The last working day before Christmas, December 23, marks six months since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Owen Meredith, Head of Public Affairs at the PPA, looks at what publishers want out of the looming Brexit negotiations.

Source: InPub Weekly # 322 22/12/2016

Why events are good, and tips for doing them well by James Evelegh

The PPA held its annual Independent Publisher Conference in early December at the Park Plaza Riverbank in London. One of the most interesting sessions of the morning was a panel discussion that explored ‘Strategies To Deliver Engaging And Profitable Events’. James Evelegh was taking notes…

Source: InPub Weekly # 323 05/01/2017

5 Top Tips on how to convert your fly-by audience into loyal subscribers – Q&A by Tom Wilde

At the end of November, Cxense chief product officer Tom Wilde presented his second ‘Top Tips’ webinar for us, in which he discussed how you can put your data to work and convert fly-by visitors into loyal subscribers with personalisation. Here are a few of the questions Tom answered during the webinar...

Source: InPub Weekly # 321 15/12/2016

SoE Conference 2016 – spooks, police, robots et al by Ray Snoddy

In October, in Carlisle, the Society of Editors held its annual conference. Press regulation and freedom were once again hot topics. Also touched upon was the growing democratic deficit caused by the mass shedding of journalists by local papers. Ray Snoddy was there.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

An App I Like: Magic Tate Ball by Dan Linstead

The ability to continually surprise and delight is a wonderful quality to find in an app. Magic Tate Ball is, says Dan Linstead, a beautifully conceived and brilliantly executed app.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

2017 - what will be the digital challenges? by Martin Belam

News providers face some big decisions in 2017. To what extent do they follow the emerging new tech trends and, in light of contracting advertising revenues, which of their existing outputs will they have to chop? Martin Belam looks at the digital opportunities and threats ahead.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

InDigital by Jim Foster

Jim Foster on the world of ePublishing

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Membership publishers wrestle with content conundrum by Mike Sewell

Content has become mission-critical for many membership organisations. But, Mike Sewell asks, should this valuable asset be regarded as an exclusive member benefit, or used as a marketing tool?

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Copy placement comes of age by James Evelegh

Copy placement is now so much more than getting a copy of your title from A to B. As Gold Key Media’s Chris Horn tells James Evelegh, it is now a highly creative, data driven activity that utilises new technology to deliver a host of valuable benefits to publishers, their commercial partners and the venues themselves.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Key landmarks to look out for on your digital exploration by Peter Houston

Digital transition – two innocuous sounding words that imply neatly defined start and end points with a nice straight line between them. If only! Peter Houston looks at different areas of publishing strategy and outlines some of the digital challenges and choices publishers face in each.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Spotlight – In-flight magazines by Alan Geere

In-flight magazines may have a captive audience, but they still have to work hard for readers. Alan Geere looks in the seat-back pocket in front of him to see who is ready for take-off.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Media Quotes of the Year by Jon Slattery

It was the media year in which the first UK national newspaper abandoned print to go digital only. There were continuing cutbacks, launches, leaks, digital disruption, Boris and Brexit. Here, Jon Slattery picks his best media quotes of the year.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Making time for creativity by Robyn Bechelet

Last issue, Peter Preston persuasively pointed out that productivity alone isn’t enough in today’s world of content creation. “A newsroom ruled by the clicks regime will never do something different,” he says. Robyn Bechelet considers the challenge he lays out in finding ‘creative room to breathe’ during the digital revolution.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Look – the new brand strategy by Ciar Byrne

In September, Look unveiled a new brand strategy built around four content pillars and a belief that the brand had to be everywhere its audience was. Ciar Byrne talks to some of the key players behind the new strategy.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

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