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Any Questions – Rebekah Billingsley by Rebekah Billingsley

Last week, Rebekah Billingsley presented a webinar for InPublishing, entitled ‘How to Measure the Success of Your Digital Magazine - the main KPIs and how to measure them.’ In the Q&A session that followed, we ran out of time. Here, Rebekah provides a follow-up Q&A.

Source: InPub Weekly # 138 19/04/2013

Preview of Specialist Media Conference by Carolyn Morgan

Carolyn Morgan previews the presentations at next Wednesday’s conference at the British Library.

Source: InPub Weekly # 138 19/04/2013

Media Pioneer Awards 2013: Big Data Republic by Carolyn Morgan

Carolyn Morgan applauds the latest addition to the 2013 Media Pioneer Awards shortlist – Big Data Republic; the successful launch of a B2B specialist community into a global growth sector.

Source: InPub Weekly # 137 12/04/2013

The value of breaking live video content by Sue Brooks

Benedict’s resignation came as a shock to us all. A breaking news event of global import, which played as big in Latin America and Africa as it did in Europe. No one knew it was going to happen and it tested the workflows and processes of even the most established rolling news broadcasters, writes Sue Brooks.

Source: InPub Weekly # 136 05/04/2013

Media Pioneer Awards 2013: British Journal of Photography by Carolyn Morgan

The British Journal of Photography (BJP) has grown its readership worldwide twenty-five fold since launching its iPad app. App subscribers now surpass print subscribers by over 70%, and the app is frequently highlighted as "New & noteworthy" in Apple Newsstand. BJP's app is the latest addition to the 2013 Media Pioneer Awards shortlist, writes Carolyn Morgan.

Source: InPub Weekly # 135 22/03/2013

Jim Muttram - interview by Meg Carter

RBI’s data services division has grown exponentially in the past six years, and now accounts for almost half the company’s total revenues. Meg Carter talks to MD Jim Muttram about the past, present and future of data services.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2013

A digital media road-map for publishers by Carolyn Morgan

Most media conferences these days tend to focus on describing the problems facing publishers and media businesses, rather than actually providing ideas on how their leaders can deal with it all. The Digital Media Strategies summit, organised by the Media Briefing, went some way towards addressing the latter. Carolyn Morgan sifted through the case studies and panel debates to put together a road-map for publishers.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2013

The New Business Model for Specialist Publishing: an Expert View by Carolyn Morgan

As specialist publishing becomes more and more about reaching an audience across digital, live, social and print channels, so niche consumer and B2B publishers must rethink where their revenue comes from and how they grow their business. Carolyn Morgan interviews some of the speakers at the forthcoming Specialist Media Conference and identifies how they think the specialist publishing business model will change.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2013

Media Pioneer Awards 2013: Rock Sound by Carolyn Morgan

The latest addition to the 2013 Media Pioneers shortlist, writes Carolyn Morgan, is independent music publisher Rock Sound, who have used Google Hangouts to grow both their online followers and their print copy sales.

Source: InPub Weekly # 134 15/03/2013

The new normal? by James Evelegh

Dovetail held its fifth annual client conference on 24 January at Royal Mint Court, near the Tower of London. James Evelegh went along to listen to an impressive line-up of speakers giving their thoughts on the future of publishing.

Source: InPub Weekly # 128 01/02/2013

Data and the Revolution in Publishing by David Worlock

This is a strange interregnum in the closing years of the 350 year reign of the Gutenberg dynasty, writes David Worlock. While most observers are convinced of a digital future (even Clark Kent has left the Daily Planet to run a blog) there has been huge difficulty defining what that might mean.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

31 digital publishing tips to grow your business by Carolyn Morgan

The Specialist Media Show ran its first fully online event in November, bringing together publishing and media experts from both sides of the Atlantic to share practical ideas. Carolyn Morgan listened in.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

What to do when readers’ desires don’t match your delivery technology by Ryan O'Meara

For publishers, truly, the only constant is change. Seismic upheaval has characterised the recent past and will characterise the foreseeable future. Ryan O’Meara embraces change, but says that publishers should be crystal clear about their criteria before succumbing to each new technology platform.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

Pushing all the right buttons by Lorraine Ruckstuhl

The publishing industry is going through a revolution. The old order – the world of printed matter – is giving way to the new. Some heads will roll and some already have. But, writes Lorraine Ruckstuhl, those companies that see the limitless possibilities that the new order brings, are successfully building profitable new relationships with their customers.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

Estates Gazette – our digital strategy by Trevor Goodman

Estates Gazette won the Outstanding Achievement of the Year award at the 2012 PPA Digital Publishing event in September. The secret of their success, writes Trevor Goodman, has been their clear focus on market needs and refusal to be distracted by each new online business model.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

Managing the Digital Transition by Mark Wood

Few publishers have embraced the digital revolution as wholeheartedly as Future. One of the first to spot the potential of the iPad, the company has been at the forefront of tablet publishing and has worked hard to realign itself for the digital age. CEO Mark Wood describes another busy year at the specialist publisher.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

Mythology versus reality of UK digital Broadsheet pricing by Mark Billige

In 2010, the Times caused shock waves around the industry when it started charging readers for digital content. Three years on, other newspapers are beginning to wonder if charging might indeed be the way forward. Mark Billige looks at some of the myths surrounding online pricing models.

Source: InPub Weekly # 124 04/01/2013

Customer Direct 2012 by Martin Maynard

The PPA held its annual Customer Direct conference and awards at The Brewery on Wednesday. Martin Maynard was there, taking notes.

Source: InPub Weekly # 119 23/11/2012

AOP Digital Publishing Summit by James Evelegh

On 12 October, the AOP held their 2012 digital publishing summit at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza hotel in London. The theme of the day was ‘unleashing your inner startup’. James Evelegh went along to find out more.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2012

Big Data presents new challenges for online publishers by John Baker

As publishers, we either sit on, or have access to, vast data sets, which, if manipulated efficiently and imaginatively, present considerable commercial opportunity. Yet, the size and complexity of the data pool and the shortcomings of existing platforms throw up real challenges to publishers. John Baker examines how big data is changing online publishing.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2012

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