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History Today redesigned

History Today is having a complete redesign to increase, say the publishers, its distinctiveness and to emphasise the quality and variety of its content.

Author: News Desk

Posted on: 18 April 2017 07:49

History Today redesigned

Andy Patterson: "the new design reaffirms our commitment to the primacy of print".

History Today is having its most significant change since 1980 and introducing a new format, 40 extra pages in each issue, and premium quality paper to enhance the magazine’s illustrations. New fonts and page layouts will significantly increase the readability of the print magazine. The introduction of new regular features will underscore History Today’s geographical and chronological range. A striking new logo completes the transformation, say the publishers.

Simon Esterson from Esterson Associates, whose team has produced the new design, says that the “overall aim has been to display the text and illustrations better, while giving the magazine a clearer structure.” History Today publisher Andy Patterson says, “the new design reaffirms our commitment to the primacy of print and to publishing the best serious history magazine in the world.”

Paul Lay, the editor of History Today explains why the study of history is more important than ever and how this prompted the changes that are being made: “Public history is at a crossroads. Either we take the past seriously, on its own terms, with its complexities and contradictions, or we treat it as mere entertainment, a source of comforting myths and simplistic analogies. History Today is committed to the serious examination of the past, in all its geographical breadth and chronological depth, written by leading historians working on the latest research. Our new format, with its emphasis on clarity and comprehension, will enhance our readers' experience and offer the perfect vehicle for those who like to dwell on the past.”

The first edition of the redesigned History Today will go on sale on 20 April with a cover price of £5.20.

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