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Reader Testimonials

Below are just some of the many positive comments made about InPublishing (previously known as InCirculation) magazine since it launched in November 2003:

"Just a quick note to say that I thought the March/April issue of InPublishing was splendid. It was full of interest and relevance and I have almost read the issue from cover to cover."

Mark Allen, Chairman, Mark Allen Group (March, 2018)

"Congratulations on producing a high quality magazine on the industry, bulging with interesting content and a 'must read' for people like me."

Jim Flanagan, editor, Ballymena Guardian and content editor for Alpha Newspaper Group (July, 2016)

"It's the only business magazine I read without fail!"

Ian McAuliffe, chief executive, Think Publishing (February, 2016)

"InPublishing always includes a mix of relevant and up to date features covering the width of our print and online interests. Well-written by strong contributors and thought provoking, it gets the relevance of magazines in a digital age where the role of the editor in providing longer form articles plays to the strength of print as a "sit back" (time away from the monitor) medium."

James Bennett , managing director, Televisual Media UK (December, 2015)

"Congratulations on a really excellent and informative publication."

Joseph Kelly, managing director, Universe Media Group (September, 2015)

"Loving InPublishing magazine after only a few months as a subscriber. The contributors are extremely strong, with a diverse range of experience who offer rare to find insight on the sector. Each issue there are so many tips and pieces of advice within that will help anyone in publishing continue to develop their knowledge and skills."

Stephen Lepitak, editor, The Drum (August, 2015)

"Your publication is excellent - a terrific read. I always make time to read it, and usually save back copies. Keep up the good work."

Andrew Forster, editor, Local Transport Today (February, 2015)

"I've had a copy since day one and find the magazine extremely useful and thought-provoking. You really feel 'in touch' after reading it."

Paul Richardson, editor, Grantham Journal and Melton Times (February, 2014)

"Silvertoad has been part of the InPublishing experience for 3+ years now and we have only good things to say about both the printed and online version. Not only is it an enjoyable read but it is informative and progressive in an industry that is fast paced and ever changing. The team themselves are an absolute pleasure to work with, the skill and knowledge they offer us on a regular basis gives us the confidence to leave our business profile in their more than capable hands. Overall InPublishing is a must for any company that is looking to engage with other like-minded businesses within the industry. Pound for pound InPublishing is a more effective marketing option than anything else we have previously been involved in."

Toma Habashi, managing director, Silvertoad (June, 2014)

"InPublishing is a must read for anyone working in magazine and digital publishing. Always interesting and informative articles, it is one of the few B2B magazines I read cover to cover and provides plenty of new ideas."

Keith Britten, editor and publisher, Britten's Info Ltd (October, 2013)

"I'm a recent subscriber to your magazine and find it very informative with plenty of ideas!"

Richard Gurner, editor, Caerphilly Observer (April, 2013)

"A short note to say my copy arrived today and what a good read! Really enthralling, good articles - just what the industry needs in these times of transition. Looking forward to future issues."

Nick Ratcliffe, publishing director, Business Car Manager (March, 2013)

"Just thought I would send you a quick email to say that in the past week, we have had two solid enquiries for placement of magazines. One from a new publication in the South West which we will now be placing in the cruise terminals in Southampton and, this morning, from a Health Lifestyle title. Interestingly, both saw us online but were prompted by the latest print issue of InPublishing, proving that both mediums are still needed in our digital age."

Damian Gevertz, managing director, D and G Media (December, 2012)

"Keep up the good work on InPublishing mag; it's the only B2B mag I would ever read - very interesting and informative articles."

Jez Harris, art director, Green Parent Publications (November, 2012)

"Bravo on the magazine. It really is the only title keeping track of – and asking the pertinent questions about – the changing world of publishing."

Dan Linstead, group editor, Immediate Media Co Branded Content (September, 2012)

"InPublishing is fantastic and a must read for myself and my colleagues. As a small but international B2B based in Cornwall, it can feel as if you’re being left behind, or at least it's hard to keep up with what's going on in the industry. Having just returned from Publishing Expo, we have realised we are not behind and that everyone in publishing, be it B2B or newspapers, is facing the same challenges and rapid changes. InPublishing is part of the reason we don't feel behind. It has enabled us to hear from experts regularly and we can take from your magazine what applies to us directly as well as knowing what others are doing. As magazine producers we know how hard positive feedback is to come by, but I wanted to say congratulations to James and all the team at InPublishing. Well done and keep up the good work."

Jon Evans, production manager, (March 2011)

"I just wanted to say, thanks for a great magazine. We are very much the new kids on the block, launching Sorted magazine, under three years ago, and your magazine is a source of inspiration and great advice."

Steve Legg, publisher & editor, Sorted Magazine (March 2010)

"InPublishing is truly an excellent magazine - I read every issue cover to cover (and I check out the advertisers too). Keep up the good work."

Robert McCaffrey, director, Pro Publications International (March, 2010)

"Could I just take a moment to comment on the relevance and fantastically-helpful content of the magazine. It helps massively to give us a global awareness of the publishing industry and what is happening, and several features have provided invaluable research material for varying projects underway at the moment. Thanks for a great magazine, and keep up the good work!"

Ross Ringham, publication manager, Corporate Image Media (September, 2009)

"A brief line to say how mightily impressed I was with your magazine which I was reading for the first time (issue 35) today.This is the first publishing industry orientated title that really hits the mark. Well done."

Simon Baseley, director, Alibi Publishing (July, 2009)

"I did enjoy your latest issue, which is the first copy that I recall seeing. I wish you every success for your title which I thought has a no-nonsense, easy to read yet relevant feel about it. I look forward to receiving a copy on a regular basis."

Peter Raven, managing director, Magmaker (December, 2008)

"I’ve been meaning to drop you a line for ages to say how much I enjoy your publication – a brilliant mix of in depth and topical analysis on issues that matter to me. Keep up the great work!"

Owen Hunnam, editor and publisher, Vine (December, 2008)

"InCirculation is the one publication which is an absolute must read for every member of our marketing team. Head and shoulders above the rest."

Grant Attwell, marketing director, Informa Professional (December, 2007)

"I read InCirculation more carefully than any other magazine - it is very good."

Karl Jeffery, publisher, Digital Energy Journal (December, 2007)

"I have only had InCirculation since I accepted one at the Publishing Expo at Olympia earlier this year. On reading it I was very impressed with the relevancy of the content, it reflected much of what we had done and are trying to do with Web 2.0 and general development of electronic services. I marked up the stories of interest and that copy ended up being passed round the Senior Editorial team at Jane's and finally ended up with the MD. Although there have only been an issue or two since then, I have found it useful to generate new ideas and validate projects we have planned with the senior editorial team. Keep up the good work."

Peter Partridge, managing editor, Industry & Government, Jane's Information Group (June, 2007)

"InCirculation is really useful. We are an independent magazine publisher and pick up lots of useful life-saving hints and tips."

John Scott, editor, Cornucopia Magazine (April, 2007)

"The November / December 2006 issue was, quite simply, the best B2B magazine I've come across all year. In particular, the editorial quality – or perhaps more importantly in B2B, editorial integrity - is astonishing. Whatever their discipline, any target reader is going to get at least something from whichever of its pages they turn to."

Martin Read, publisher, MPP (January, 2007)

"Your magazine is quality. It's a must read among my team."

Philip Preston, director of marketing, Archant Norfolk (December, 2006)

"InCirculation is a unique read for anyone in the publishing business. I must admit that most magazines sent to me get 'binned'. However InCirculation caught my eye as the first edition I received had an article on free papers (mainly because I own, edit, set and publish one!). One of my favourite articles has been Alan Geere on the nationals: Tabloid Sundays - more please!"

Tabitha van der Does, Editor & Sole Proprietor, The Sheringham Independent (October, 2006)

"Just to say how much we enjoy InCirculation. Although we are only very amateur publishers, working from home, we always find something of interest in the magazine, and not only do I read it, but also my wife, my son and my daughter in law, and we all pick up good tips and hints. There is always something of interest, often quite unexpected. In your last issue there was an article on FHM, and how they promote the magazine by publishing pictures of the 100 best totties, and then inviting readers to vote on them. This gave me the idea of setting up a competition for the best reconstruction drawings of old sites, publishing the 12 best and then invite our readers to vote on them. It is a long way from FHM - but one must pick up tips from the strangest places!"

Andrew Selkirk, Current Archaeology (September, 2006)

"InCirculation is just about the only trade mag I read that contains genuinely useful articles."

Charley Davies, publishing director, Emap Automotive (June, 2006)

"Just to say that yours is an excellent mag, the content of which is consistently very useful & most informative - keep up the good work."

Shelagh Bennett, subscriptions manager, Yachts & Yachting (April, 2006)

"Thought I should also congratulate you on what I consider to be a very good product. Keep up the good work!"

Reid Holland, circulation and subscriptions director, Hachette Filipacchi UK (March, 2006)

"I must say your publication makes very interesting and informative reading. Please keep up the good work."

'Femi Okutubo, publisher, The Trumpet (March, 2006)

"We are a niche publication company in the UK and we have been reading your magazine for the last few months. We just wanted to thank you for the quality of the articles, particularly how you achieve a balance by providing very practical and useful information (that we can implement straight away), and more strategic issues (that impact on the longer term plans). Thank you again - the magazine is equally enjoyed by new rookies and employees with more than 45 years of experience in the industry."

JC Govea, CEO, ZA Publishing (March, 2006)

"InCirculation is the best publication on publishing. I used to get Folio and the other US publication. It was good on software and some marketing efforts, but vague on most other articles. InCirculation covers the whole picture. Furthermore we get a lot of enquiries now from our advertisement, so your circulation is good."

Angela Smith, AI Bureau (March, 2006)

"I’ve been pleasantly surprised how many mags people saw the last piece on covers (referring to his article in Sep/Oct 2005 issue) – you seem to be required reading in the business."

Peter Genower, consultant (March, 2006)

"I'm not usually in the habit of writing testimonials, but congratulations on InCirculation. I've found every issue uniformly excellent."

Fergus Carroll, marketing manager, Emap Media (February, 2006)

"I just wanted to say that I have found the last two issues of InCirculation really excellent and very useful particularly to myself as a small publisher. Thank you very much for continuing to send me the publication – I get bombarded by so much material but I can guarantee that InCirculation is one that is saved from the shredder!"

Tor Davies, publisher, Centor Publishing (December, 2005)

"Just to let you know that I think the mag is absolutely has become essential reading here."

Chris Davies, chairman, Ipledge Group (October, 2005)

"I thought I would just drop you a line to let you know how delighted I’ve been to date with the response generated by the latest half page colour ALR advert within InCirculation. I’ve had a diverse mix of publishers making enquiries into how ALR’s free publication distribution network can benefit them, ranging from the regional press to small local independent publishers."

Andy Barker, sales & marketing director, ALR (October, 2005)

"I enjoy the mag, essential reading!"

Phil Allan, editor, Angus County Press (September, 2005)

"InCirculation is the quality editorial trade magazine that all those involved in magazine circulation have been crying out for for years."

Julian Thorne, marketing director, Saga Publishing (September, 2005)

"InCirculation is now a better and more useful magazine for circulation management than any of the industry magazines published in the USA."

Alan Weaver, Alan Weaver Associates

"Thanks for producing a great magazine for the publishing industry. I joined the industry one year ago and find InCirculation extremely interesting for subscription marketing articles."

Scott Jenkins, advertising & marketing manager, Business Money

"I do think it’s an excellent publication, and you can quote me on that!"

Dominic Jacquesson, chief operating officer, Electric Word plc

"Just to let you know, the expected response for our recent loose insert in InCirculation exceeded our forecast. We are very pleased with the quality of your circulation. It's clear your readers are committed to your publication, and this will help advertisers like ourselves."

Peter Hobday, Subscriptions Strategy

"Well done on taking the magazine rapidly from launch to being a must-read."

Martin Ashford, circulation director, Financial Times

"Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying InCirculation. You are getting together some really interesting and useful articles that cut through the guff and make tremendous sense. It provides us with some great tips and the confidence that we’re going in the right direction."

Alison Waghorn, director, Inside Cornwall Magazine

"I read your journal more carefully than others in the marketing field – and I get most. The pieces are generally intelligent, informed and not self-serving. And besides anything else it is also literate. Rare."

Drayton Bird, author of Commonsense Direct Marketing

"I have been receiving copies of InCirculation since your first issue and find it incredibly useful. InCirculation is by far the most useful publication I receive – I’m involved in the marketing and circulation of several regional (Northcliffe) newspapers and niche magazines and I already have a growing box file of directly relevant articles you’ve published – thank you."

Becky Hewitson, marketing manager, Cornwall & Devon Media

"Having registered for InCirculation magazine, I have to say I am heartily impressed. This is the first time I have seen a magazine that deals with the “theory” in a practical “real-time” world without losing sight of the theory which provides the backbone to the action."

Gavin Fraser, promotions manager, Scottish Daily Mail

"Have been reading InCirculation since its launch and believe it is an excellent source of information and opinion."

Chris Hollins, director of circulation databases, Quantum

"Read your magazine for the first time last month and thought it was exceptional. Passed it around the directors who had very similar views."

Nick Merryfield, managing director, Health Sector Publishing

"Your July/August issue was the first I had seen. Read it from cover to cover; don’t think that I have ever done that with a trade magazine before. Congrats on a good editorial-led product."

Digby Lidstone-Scott, publisher, Arnford Ltd

"A truly great read – the only mag that genuinely gets me excited and inspired."

Sarah Lintern, subscriptions marketing manager, Quantum

"We advertised our CanvassPlus service in January’s issue of InCirculation and have already had three excellent leads which will certainly lead to new business. Such a response has significantly exceeded our normal experiences of press advertising."

Tony Coad, CCB

"I’ve just read your second issue from cover to cover – very impressed! It’s good to have a magazine dedicated to circulation – at last!"

Penni Pierce, circulation manager, the Artists’ Publishing Co

"I have found your magazine to be really useful and consider it a refreshing alternative to some of the other trade publications."

Raymond Lewis, chief executive, CBC Media

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