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Articles by Jim Bilton

Keeping on top of Audience by Jim Bilton

As distribution becomes “dynamic” and circulation departments morph into audience teams, there is a real change in how publishers are managing the channels to the end-user, reports Jim Bilton.

Posted on: 22 May 2018


Organisation: the magic of change by Jim Bilton

Most publishers say that meaningful change is necessary to ensure a profitable future. But how many are actually doing it? Jim Bilton reports.

Posted on: 27 March 2018


Surviving the global stress test by Jim Bilton

“Surviving the global stress test” is the subtitle of the latest report from Distripress, the international press distribution association. The annual Distripress Circulation Monitor is managed by Wessenden Marketing and a key element of it is a survey where the members of Distripress are polled for their views across a wide range of topics: this year, 119 companies operating in 43 countries took part. Jim Bilton summarises the key findings.

Posted on: 01 February 2018


Prioritising the digital to-do list by Jim Bilton

‘Digital’ is a big word. It covers lots of different dimensions in any media organisation. Jim Bilton drills down into the Publishing Futures research data to see how publishers are navigating the digital journey.

Posted on: 01 February 2018


Mapping the Industry’s Revenues by Jim Bilton

The output from this year’s Publishing Futures project is not so much a report, but more of a diagnostic tool. It provides the structure for publishers to “run the ruler” over their operations to get a better sense of how their business is functioning overall, writes Jim Bilton.

Posted on: 30 November 2017


The Key Industry Dynamics by Jim Bilton

The Publishing Futures research is showing that publishers are finding it tough going in 2017, but are optimistic for 2018. Jim Bilton looks at what four key industry metrics tell us about the state of play.

Posted on: 26 September 2017


What’s going on in publishing? by Jim Bilton

In a new regular series, Jim Bilton will drill down into some of the key findings of the Publishing Futures research. In his first despatch, he previews the 2017 survey and looks at some of the early findings.

Posted on: 27 July 2017


Subs Futures by Jim Bilton

The Subscription Economy is growing and extending well beyond media and entertainment. The Recurring Revenue Model (RRM) is now an accepted part of a range of both consumer and B2B markets. Yet, writes Jim Bilton, that brings new challenges for publishers as well as opportunities, as end-user expectations as to how the RRM actually works are both changing and rising.

Posted on: 28 March 2017


Finding new models in a fragmenting world by Jim Bilton

There is a new mood emerging in international press distribution. That is the clear message, writes Jim Bilton, from the latest Distripress Circulation Monitor survey.

Posted on: 03 February 2017


Denial. Despair. Determination. International press sales in a digital world by Jim Bilton

Distripress, the international press association, commissioned Wessenden Marketing to undertake a review of global press trends and of the key issues facing supply chains around the world - The Distripress Circulation Monitor (DCM). Jim Bilton summarises the key findings.

Posted on: 03 February 2016


Reimagining the Magazine Subscription: Buying Magazines in an Amazon World by Jim Bilton

There is a weird retro feel to both the magazine and the magazine subscription. While some parts of the business are operating at the cutting edge of digital subscription marketing, the majority are not. The simple fact is that 70% of consumer magazine buyers have no digital contact at all with their magazine brands; and most of them prefer it that way, feeling that print is a digital-free oasis, offering a refuge from the hectic, wired world where they spend most of their lives. In such a contrarian environment, where is the magazine subscription headed? That is the question at the core of a major new research project from Wessenden Marketing, commissioned by the PPA. Jim Bilton summarises the main findings.

Posted on: 26 November 2015


Programmatic 2015: How should publishers respond? by Jim Bilton

Programmatic is growing at an exponential rate, yet many publishers are taking a long time to get their house in order. The publishing industry needs to grasp the nettle quickly, writes Jim Bilton, if it is to defend its share of ad spend.

Posted on: 24 September 2015


Publishing Futures 2015 by Jim Bilton

The PPA’s annual Publishing Futures survey provides the most comprehensive set of data on the UK consumer magazine and business publishing sector. What does it tell us about where the industry is heading? And is the mood of the industry changing as we dive deeper into the digital world? Jim Bilton summarises the key findings of the research.

Posted on: 25 March 2015


Press Distribution – The Key Trends by Jim Bilton

Press sales, both magazines and newspapers, are coming under increasing pressure around the globe. Yet behind that stark – and obvious – headline, writes Jim Bilton, there lies a complex world.

Posted on: 27 January 2015


Planning for the Digital World by Jim Bilton

‘Planning’ and ‘Digital’ are two words which do not sit very comfortably together. If ‘digital’ is all about being agile, fast-moving, responsive, silo-busting and questioning accepted norms; then ‘planning’ feels as though it should be about order, mapping and structure – all a bit ‘legacy’. Yet, writes Jim Bilton, planning your digital strategy is absolutely essential!

Posted on: 14 July 2014


Publishing Futures 2014 - What’s in store? by Jim Bilton

The PPA’s annual Publishing Futures survey provides the most comprehensive set of data on the UK consumer magazine and business publishing sector – but what does it tell us about where the industry’s heading? Jim Bilton of Wessenden Marketing, author of the report, digs into the results to reveal a complex mix of optimism, realism and challenge.

Posted on: 19 May 2014


Subscription Models across a Digital World by Jim Bilton

As the publishing business becomes more international, what can we learn from other markets around the world about how to market subscriptions? That question, writes Jim Bilton, lies at the core of a topical report from the PPA.

Posted on: 22 September 2013


What’s the Future for Magazines? by Jim Bilton

The magazine publishing sector is beset with change but, as this year’s PPA Publishing Futures survey reveals, the most notable shift is in the mood of publishers. Here, the report’s author, Jim Bilton of Wessenden Marketing, reflects on the findings and looks to what the future holds.

Posted on: 19 May 2013


Specialist Media Insights 2012 by Jim Bilton

Specialist Media Insights polls the views of over 160 niche publishers, and is a joint project between the Specialist Media Show and Wessenden Marketing, sponsored by Brad Insight and supported by InPublishing. The research was carried out in March 2012 using Demographix. Jim Bilton summarises the main findings.

Posted on: 07 July 2012


How do they make money from doing that? by Jim Bilton

The PPA recently commissioned Wessenden Marketing to conduct a study into how media companies make money in the digital age, entitled, Business Models for a Digital World. Jim Bilton summarises the key findings from the research.

Posted on: 15 May 2012


Publishing Futures 2012 by Jim Bilton

Times are challenging. No one needs to be told that, but, writes Jim Bilton, the latest wave of the Publishing Futures project provides a lot more shape and detail to that bald statement.

Posted on: 19 January 2012


Building payment models for a digital world by Jim Bilton

How to manage all the emerging digital channels is probably the publishing industry’s biggest challenge. While opening up so many new opportunities, writes Jim Bilton, digital is also creating all kinds of headaches in a business where there are now so many plates to spin at the same time. Will publishers manage to hold it all together? That is the key question at the core of new research undertaken for the Specialist Media Show.

Posted on: 14 July 2011


Publishing Futures 2011 by Jim Bilton

2009 saw Wessenden Marketing teaming up with InPublishing to undertake a pilot survey of the UK publishing business. 2011 starts with the publication of the second Publishing Futures survey which this time is sponsored by PPA and probes even deeper into the magazine business. Jim Bilton summarises the main findings.

Posted on: 20 January 2011


Subscription Marketing 2010 by Jim Bilton

The Subscription Marketing survey is run annually by Wessenden Marketing and InPublishing and is sponsored by CDS Global. The 2010 survey has just been published and has produced some fascinating trends and insights into the current state of subscription marketing practice in the UK publishing industry. Wessenden’s Jim Bilton summarises the key findings.

Posted on: 22 November 2010


How do publishers feel about the future? by Jim Bilton

Perplexed, but not panicking......yet!..... That, writes Jim Bilton, seems to be the overall sense of what publishers feel about the future.

Posted on: 20 May 2010


Subscription Marketing 2009 by Jim Bilton

The Subscription Marketing 2009 survey run by Wessenden Marketing and InPublishing and sponsored by CDS Global, has produced fascinating insights into the current state of subscription marketing practice in the UK publishing industry. Wessenden’s Jim Bilton summarises the key findings.

Posted on: 18 November 2009


Publishing Futures – Survey Results by Jim Bilton

The Publishing Futures survey, run by Wessenden Marketing and InPublishing and sponsored by Wide Area, has produced fascinating insights into the current and future state of the publishing industry. The full results are available at, but here, Wessenden’s Jim Bilton summarises the key findings.

Posted on: 01 May 2009


Magazine Week 2008 – review by Jim Bilton

Now that the dust has settled on Magazine Week, what is the final assessment? Jim Bilton, the project manager for Magazine Week 2008, reviews the event – its aims, its activities and its conclusions.

Posted on: 01 January 2009


The Customer Journey by Jim Bilton

The PPA and Royal Mail commissioned Wessenden Marketing to map out scenarios for the future of the magazine subscription by looking at how other industries approach the customer journey and applying those insights to the magazine business. Jim Bilton summarises the main findings.

Posted on: 01 September 2008


Magazine Week 2008 by Jim Bilton

Magazine Week is becoming an annual event after its initial trial last year. Yet, what is it all about? What is happening? And can it really work? Jim Bilton of Wessenden Marketing is the project manager for Magazine Week 2008 and, here, he explains the background to the project.

Posted on: 01 July 2008


On the town by Jim Bilton

In September 2007, the PPA organised a number of initiatives to promote the magazine industry, under the banner Magazine Week. An important part of this was a series of events run in Guildford called Magazine Town. Jim Bilton, who project managed the event, here summarises the main findings.

Posted on: 01 January 2008


Magazine Waste in the UK by Jim Bilton

In today’s more environmentally aware world, waste is a hot topic. Furthermore, now is not a good time, for any industry, to be producing more waste not less. Unless we clean up our act, says Jim Bilton, it is only a matter of time before government takes it upon itself to intervene.

Posted on: 01 July 2007


The Loyalty Challenge: How Magazine Subscriptions Work by Jim Bilton

With retail sales becoming increasingly volatile, where does subscribing fit into consumer purchasing patterns for magazines? That question lies at the centre of a research project commissioned by the PPA in association with Royal Mail. Brandlab ran a series of focus groups and an online quantitative survey to find out what is actually going on. The result is a new report The Loyalty Challenge – How Magazine Subscriptions Work which was unveiled at November’s PPA Subscriptions Conference and which is outlined here by Brandlab’s managing partner, Jim Bilton.

Posted on: 01 January 2007


Managing the Covermount Addiction by Jim Bilton

As long as covermounts continue to deliver sales boosts, there is little likelihood that publishers will stop using them, however much they might want to. Jim Bilton assesses the whys and wherefores of covermounting.

Posted on: 01 September 2006


Magazine launches by Jim Bilton

They make retailers’ shelves creak under the strain. They clog up the supply chain. They fragment the market for publishers. They often confuse the consumer. Yet, says Jim Bilton, it is launches which drive the whole magazine market and which provide the level of vibrancy and activity that characterise the business.

Posted on: 01 March 2006


Why did they do that? Understanding consumer purchasing by Jim Bilton

The prospective magazine buyer is standing in front of the rack, browsing. It’s make or break. What can you do to ensure that it is your title that ends up in the shopping basket and not your rivals’. Having some idea of what is going on inside the shopper’s head is critical to maximising your newsstand potential. Brandlab’s Jim Bilton surveys the in-store battleground.

Posted on: 01 July 2005


Specialist magazines: do they have a newstrade future? by Jim Bilton

Collectively, specialist magazines are massively important to the industry. Yet, individually, many of them are small-scale and are often produced by independent publishers who feel very vulnerable to the forces that are currently shaping the supply chain. Specialist magazine distributor MMC commissioned Wessenden Marketing to research the views of independent, specialist publishers across a wide range of issues. Specialist Magazine Publishers 2005 is the result.

Posted on: 01 March 2005


Retail compliance by Jim Bilton

How your title is displayed and promoted at retail is of the utmost importance. Publishers invest heavily in retail promotional schemes and then spend sleepless nights worrying whether the agreements they’ve just entered into are worth the paper they’re written on. Are those sleepless nights justified? Jim Bilton weighs up the evidence.

Posted on: 01 November 2004


Retail promotional spend – who benefits? by Jim Bilton

To shed more light on this area, the PPA commissioned Wessenden Marketing to interview the major buyers of retail promotional schemes. The aim was not to assess the actual effectiveness of retail promotional schemes, but to pin down more objectively the key trends and issues behind the spend.

Posted on: 01 July 2004


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