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Articles by Neil Fowler

The Journal Relaunch – a trip down memory lane by Neil Fowler

In 1992, to great fanfare, The Journal switched from broadsheet to tabloid. A huge amount of effort and resource had gone into the relaunch. 25 years on, editor at the time Neil Fowler looks back at a dramatic north east change and ponders its relevance to today.

Posted on: 28 March 2017


Is the Trinity Mirror takeover of Local World a good thing? Yes! by Neil Fowler

Neil Fowler thinks that the recent takeover of Local World, by Trinity Mirror, is a good thing...

Posted on: 26 November 2015


Digital first – saviour or sinner? by Neil Fowler

Neil Fowler poses the question at the heart of all media – is digital first the answer to all its problems – or is it the final piece in a coffin-shaped jigsaw?

Posted on: 23 September 2014


When nearly right is totally wrong – and why the great subbing debate is a huge red herring by Neil Fowler

Spoiler alert: former editor Neil Fowler believes the days of traditional sub-editors have gone – and those calling for their salvation are ignoring the realities of life.

Posted on: 19 March 2014


Can the OFT see sense this time? by Neil Fowler

Consolidation will not save the regional and local newspaper industry in the UK – but, writes Neil Fowler, it is one of a basket of measures that, if operating in tandem, could give the sector a boost.

Posted on: 31 May 2013


Hopes and fears in local land by Neil Fowler

Former regional editor Neil Fowler has long argued that only radical action can offer any hope of a future for the regional and local newspaper industry across the United Kingdom. David Montgomery’s Local World may be the first business to move in such a direction.

Posted on: 18 March 2013


The cliff edge looms – but who is controlling the steering wheel? by Neil Fowler

Last year, Neil Fowler argued for radical action if regional and local newspapers across the United Kingdom were to have a future. Some re-arranging of the deck-chairs has taken place, but not everything is inspiring confidence. Neil takes a look at the changing management structures within the UK regional press.

Posted on: 12 November 2012


Regionals on the Edge by Neil Fowler

Neil Fowler spent a year at Oxford University looking at the decline and future of regional and local newspapers across the United Kingdom. Radical action, he argues, is needed if many are to have a future.

Posted on: 09 March 2012


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