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Articles by Peter Preston

2017: The Future is Now by Peter Preston

If any publisher still harboured any doubts as to the nature and scale of the challenges they faced, this year would have helped dispel them. In what has been a challenging twelve months, writes Peter Preston, there was one small fillip: the demand for “proper” news is stronger than ever.

Posted on: 30 November 2017


Fake news – what’s to be done? by Peter Preston

Fake news, the term du jour, previously known as lies, is rocking the foundations of our new media world and forcing the giant digital platforms to ask fundamental questions of themselves. Where might it all lead, asks Peter Preston.

Posted on: 28 March 2017


Man vs Machine by Peter Preston

Machines are great at measuring things, but are the things they measure a reliable guide to good journalism? Treating content like widgets might benefit the bottom line, short-term, but might well end up damaging publishing, long-term. As Peter Preston points out, people win Pulitzers, not machines.

Posted on: 03 October 2016


The BBC and the Press – can they co-exist? by Peter Preston

It’s been a love hate relationship right from the start, but one which has got progressively more fraught with the onset of digital and the decline of print. Is the antipathy justified and can they ever work together? Peter Preston says there are some common sense solutions, certainly at a local level, if both parties are prepared to compromise.

Posted on: 01 April 2016


Investigative journalism – a new golden age? by Peter Preston

The state of investigative journalism is looking particularly healthy, and we’re not just talking about the Times’ Andrew Norfolk. The emerging non-profit newsrooms and news networks are changing the rules of the game and exposing dark deeds. Peter Preston looks at the old and new players in the investigative game.

Posted on: 15 July 2015


Who will Fleet Street back this time? by Peter Preston

It’s election time again, and the result in May looks too close to call. Which parties will national newspapers throw their weight behind and will it make any difference? Peter Preston looks at the shifting sands of Fleet Street’s political allegiances.

Posted on: 27 January 2015


How history shapes today’s press by Peter Preston

In physical form at least, the newspapers of the UK, France and America, resemble each other closely, but scratch below the surface and you will find hugely varying attitudes and outlooks, moulded by geography and history. Peter Preston looks at how the legacy of editors past impacts on the editors of today, and tomorrow.

Posted on: 19 May 2014


The News Disconnect by Peter Preston

The stupendous global traffic to the Mail and Guardian websites is opening up international opportunities for both publishers. But, asks Peter Preston, is there a danger of their global success diluting their relevance to audiences closer to home?

Posted on: 30 November 2013


Newspapers – an emerging road map by Peter Preston

It has become fashionable to write off print as being in terminal decline, but, writes Peter Preston, the reality is infinitely more complex. There are signs, particularly in the US, that traditional newspapers are beginning to settle on a workable model, and investors are beginning to take note.

Posted on: 19 May 2013


What future the quality press? by Peter Preston

Gulp… At time of writing, there are four ‘quality’ print newspapers based in London. By the time you read this, who knows? Because, as Peter Preston writes, the qualities are in a precarious position.

Posted on: 12 November 2012


Journalistic Mission is to Speak the Truth to Power by Peter Preston

A service to commemorate journalists, camera-crew and support staff who have died in the conflicts of the 21st Century while bringing us the news was held at St Bride's Church, Fleet Street, on Monday 22nd October. Peter Preston gave the address.

Posted on: 26 October 2012


The Tabloids in the Toils by Peter Preston

The final quarter of 2011 was not a great time to be a tabloid journalist. At the Leveson Inquiry, some of their darker arts were exposed to the harsh light of day as sundry victims of press intrusion lined up to exact their revenge. Tabloids’ reputation had rarely sunk lower. Where, asks Peter Preston, do they go from here?

Posted on: 19 January 2012


Profit warning by Peter Preston

If profit was the sole measure of publishing success, then the much anticipated thinning out of Fleet Street would have happened already. But, writes Peter Preston, profit is just one of a number of reasons to own a newspaper.

Posted on: 16 September 2010


Wot will win it this time? by Peter Preston

It’s almost twenty years since the Sun claimed to have won it for the Tories and a tearful Neil Kinnock seemed to concur by singling the paper out in his resignation speech. Did the press really swing it that time, asks Peter Preston, and could they do it again this time?

Posted on: 15 March 2010


Asking the questions by Peter Preston

Strip away the sport, the celebrity flim-flam, the weekend supplements and what do you have left? A newspaper’s main calling; to investigate and hold to account. What is the state of investigative journalism in the UK today? Are the newshounds still hungry? Are there any newshounds left? Peter Preston, ... err ... investigates.

Posted on: 17 November 2009


Vive La Presse by Peter Preston

President Sarkozy recently announced a series of seemingly radical initiatives to revive the ailing French press. Will they work? Peter Preston places the measures in the context of France’s post war press settlement and concludes that they are extremely unlikely to succeed.

Posted on: 01 May 2009


Tabloidisation: was it worth it? by Peter Preston

In late 2003, the Independent’s move set Fleet Street’s pulse racing. A wave of optimism swept through the industry. Here, surely, was that elusive elixir of circulation. Heady times, but, five years on, how does the newspaper landscape look in the cold light of day? Was changing shape the right thing to do, asks Peter Preston.

Posted on: 01 March 2008


And then there were none? by Peter Preston

First the Independent, next The Times – which broadsheet will be next? And in twelve months’ time, will there be any left? Peter Preston, former editor of The Guardian presents a broader perspective on the tabloid - sorry, "compact" - frenzy.

Posted on: 01 January 2004


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