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35 Eastergate, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 4NU

We’re a software development company specialising in the delivery of solutions to the publishing and media industry. Territories we operate in are United Kingdom, United States and Africa. Our digital delivery team is based in Cape Town, South Africa, complemented by account management in countries where our customers reside.

Our team have been designing, deploying and replatforming media group environments since the first iPad came out in 2010. If there is something we want to do in 2017, that is to provide simple, powerful products that can all exist independently of each other, and when combined, they provide an enterprise digital suite that integrates and synchronises with each other.

Over the years, we’ve seen the digital publishing industry go through a number of phases in maturity and capability. The ultimate goal being chased is to cost effectively manage content, be able to productise and distribute it securely as far and wide as possible ensuring that those entitled to access content do so across as many devices as possible.

A media group’s value can be measured by the quantity and how well they know their customers, as well as the quality, accessibility, reusability and presentation of their media assets for consumption or reference.

Afrozaar’s Publishing Toolbox for a Digital World is made up of number of digital publishing and journalism products we’ve identified that small, medium and large media groups require to cost effectively make a difference and continue to be relevant to the markets they serve.

Our Publishing Toolbox of products include:

• Native Mobile Apps

• WordPress plugin and Template Set

• Digital First CMS

• Syndication Newswires service

• Mobile Journalism apps and cloud storage

• UGC SDK and dashboard

• Digital Asset Management platform

• Augmented Reality SDK and campaign dashboard

• Google DFP

• Video streaming, transcoding and branded player

It’s been proven that our Publishers Toolbox enables publishers with the ability to scale and monetise their digital content cost effectively with very little risk, whilst also securing their media IP for future evaluation and distribution.


“I must say 2017 has the potential to be super exciting! We are seeing more smaller medium sized publishing companies looking for solutions that make digital publishing simple. We want to serve smaller media groups and agencies with enterprise solutions and bring the pricing barrier down drastically. If you’ve read this far, please drop me a personal email and I will gladly arrange a meetup and walk through of what we can do with our product suite”, Rich Cheary (CEO of

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