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GetSet Media

Old Village Store, Bridge Street, Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire, HP17 9TW

GetSet Media works with B2B publishers to develop strategies to ATTRACT their target audience, ENGAGE readers and GROW their business.

We also help you develop and manage specific media projects such as websites, publications, apps and events including the development of subscription, advertising and sponsorship models.

Publishers in 2016 face a myriad of challenges including producing the right content, delivered effectively on the right channels, to engage the right number of the right readers and generate enough revenue to grow a profitable business – that’s a lot of ‘right’ answers to discover and there is no single bunch of right answers to suit every publisher.

GetSet Media collaborates with you to find the ‘right answers’ for your business.

Here are a few common scenarios in which GetSet Media might assist – do any of these resonate with your organisation?

  • we have a large readership but generate insufficient revenue/profitability growth
  • we produce great content but generate insufficient growth in readers, registrations or subscriptions
  • we are developing or optimising a website, publication, app or event to deliver our content effectively and profitably
  • we need to review our content management system to optimise multi-channel delivery and workflows to add value to our content
  • we need to implement an effective paid subscription model whilst maintaining advertising and sponsorship revenues
  • we just need a fresh perspective to challenge the status quo and help us find new ways to serve our audience profitably

If you would like to know how GetSet Media help you with these or other publishing challenges and opportunities then why not book one of our free no obligation consultations.

Alternatively please feel free to call or email to discuss your requirements.

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