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MPP Global

401 Faraday Street, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6GA

MPP Global delivers the only fully integrated cloud platform to identify, engage and monetise digital audiences in the media & entertainment industries.

From metering and profiling to promotions, payments, subscriptions and analytics, eSuite powers organisations to extract maximum value from their content and embrace monetisation opportunities prevalent in today's digital landscape.

Founded in 2000, with offices throughout Europe, USA, South America and Australia, MPP Global has an impressive track record of helping companies create successful business models.

Clients include Sky, The Times, McClatchy, The Football League, L'Équipe, Racing Post, Daily Mail, Local Media Group, New Zealand Herald, Debenhams, Philips and The Irish Times.

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McClatchy Selects MPP Global for Subscriber Management System

McClatchy, owner of media companies in 29 U.S. markets in 14 states, has selected MPP Global to support its digital initiatives to drive audience engagement turning casual consumers into paid subscribers.

Author: News Desk
Posted on: 19 January 2017

Paul Johnson: "This project with McClatchy reaffirms the need publishers have to incorporate innovative technology and digital strategies, as well as being able to support print demands."

As one of the largest media companies in North America, McClatchy sought a new digital subscriber management solution to provide more robust integration of user data and an improved user experience. These requirements led the publisher to MPP Global and eSuite, its eCommerce platform.

The new subscriber management platform will be rolled out on a phased basis and provide a centralised digital ecosystem for McClatchy’s brands. It provides functionality to gather behavioural intelligence and create a seamless experience for readers with numerous opportunities for relevant and timely engagement. The publisher will have access to common and intuitive subscriber interfaces, which provide extensive insight and the ability to personalise and optimise engagement based on users' behaviours, says MPP Global.

eSuite will provide McClatchy with intelligent identification, digital fingerprinting and access control technology coupled with a granular decisioning engine. This functionality, part of eSuite’s Intelligence & Decisioning module, will enable the company to define content access policies, including article-based metering, across its numerous publications. The Intelligence & Decisioning module also enables reader insights and the gathering of behavioural information, which is then used to personalise and optimise the experience.

According to MPP Global, eSuite will enable McClatchy to offer an enhanced user experience across its publications. This intuitive user experience for subscribers is fully integrated into the company’s websites. The flexibility of eSuite also enables the company to react to audience attitudes with functionality to easily create, test and launch new products and promotions that support a number of different business models.

Speaking on the project, Kathy Lehman, Head of Marketing at McClatchy, said, “We look forward to working closely with MPP Global on this project as we implement eSuite and enhance the audience experience across our publications. The functionality available in eSuite allows us to better manage, adapt to, and address consumers' habits and market conditions while they are engaged with our products.”

Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global, said, “This project with McClatchy reaffirms the need publishers have to incorporate innovative technology and digital strategies, as well as being able to support print demands.”

Johnson added, “As we continue to see digital make further advances in the publishing space, we are confident McClatchy has taken the right step to offer a seamless experience for its audiences and a more centralised solution for the business for many years to come.”

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