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Castle Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AD

Delivering intelligent software solutions for more than 40 years

Development-led, PCS has adopted new technologies to help envision more efficient publishing workflows and better methods of delivery, driving the move to ‘always-on’, independent remote working in the cloud and to the increasing desire of consumers to purchase software as a service.

PCS has 40 years of service to publishing and is once again instigating a fundamental change to the nature of publishing through its digital content management and publishing solution, Knowledge.

Publishing is in PCS’s DNA and publishing software development is literally its reason for being. That’s why it has not only reflected, but often led, major technological advances over four momentous decades.

Forty years ago, growing out of the IT arm of the UK’s biggest selling regional daily, the Express & Star in Wolverhampton, PCS developed one of the UK’s first fully computerised publishing systems – Press 11 – which established its credentials as developers and integrators within Britain’s national and regional news industry at a time of revolutionary change in workflows and production methods.

And that experience has led the company to where it is today – still innovating and reaffirming its role as a thought leader within the industry. PCS also holds ISO 9001 status.

The company boasts a suite of products adaptable to a range of global markets and platforms in print and digital using HTML5.

They include the Knowledge solution; its sister product, Social Knowledge, which applies the linguistic analysis capabilities of the former to provide actionable insight into social media conversations across many platforms; its advertising booking system, ABS; its circulation and subscription system, NCS; and a property advertising and marketing solution, PropertyNet, which is supporting one of the largest real estate networks in the UK.

PCS has also sought to broaden its customer base, not only in terms of publishing verticals - incorporating social media and including magazines, corporate and educational publishers and brand managers – but also in new geographies. PCS is making concrete strides in growing into new geographies, particularly into Africa and the United States of America working alongside technology partners who are best able to deliver PCS innovation into markets with which they are most familiar.

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