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Quay Systems

4 Quayside Commerce Centre, Lower Quay, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 0XR

If you publish community, niche and lifestyle magazines then you’ll be totally at home using Quay Pages to manage your business.

Quay Pages has been designed by a publisher of seven community magazines so you’ll find everything you need, with words you understand, to seamlessly integrate all of your processes (including your customer and lead management, daily tasks, invoicing and credit control as well as producing flat plans and sales reports).

You can have users logged in from various locations and managing work for just you or your team has never been simpler. No more spreadsheet sharing or rummaging for files. It’s all in one place, in an easy to use system that is a doddle to use.

We totally understand that changing the way you currently do things is a pretty tough thing to do. Because you’re super busy, it sort of works, because you’re still getting to deadline… You might have a few toe-curling moments each issue but you get through them because you're thorough and work really hard. So you spend your time checking and cross checking things so that no-one gets missed out and you probably have to miss out on other things you'd rather be doing just to keep those holes plugged.

But that's not how things should be and we're here, as your friends in business, to work with you and make life better.

So, how can you make this happen before you change your mind and stay clinging on to what you know?

Simply visit our website and register for one of our demos. Sit back and see how it all works. Then let us know you’d like to go ahead and we’ll do all the hard work for you. Your contacts, rate cards and users will all be set up for you to get you started nice and gently. We will be right beside you if you need any help – you won’t be left stranded.

But most importantly, make the decision today. There are no hard sells - just common sense advice from a team who really knows how to help you. Because we publish magazines, just like you do.

"Where there was once chaos, you have brought order. Where there was isolation, your forum brought friends. When our reserves ran dry, you bring new ideas. When inspiration strikes, you are there to enthuse. Where there was once a heap of paper, there is now a desk. Thank you Quay - your efforts make a huge difference to the effectiveness of our business and the quality of our lives." Chris Pearce, Local Life 247 Ltd

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Contact Coralie Todd
Job title Managing Director
Tel 01329 630013
Email Coralie Todd
Address Quay Systems
4 Quayside Commerce Centre
Lower Quay
PO16 0XR
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