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109-123 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4LD

Rhapsody is a cross-media production agency based in Shoreditch London, with a winning combination of creative talent and the latest technology to make your creative output a success.

At the heart of what we do are bespoke technical solutions: Emagine – our award winning production management system and ePublish – our responsive digital publishing platform. Combined with the insights delivered by our data services team, this blend of creative, technical and data-driven expertise helps our clients deliver engaging multi-channel campaigns with measurable ROI.

Our award-winning system Emagine helps you manage your production workflow from the receipt of initial files through to print and online media. The system allows you or your clients to view proofs remotely, keep track of changes and make enhancements at the touch of a button. Sitting behind Emagine is an ultra-secure and user-friendly asset management system that allows your creative team to retrieve, update, amend or syndicate your text and images with a minimum of fuss. Our technology enables clients to deploy print-ready or digital formats that meet any specification, anywhere in the world.

ePublish, the revolutionary digital publishing platform, was launched in 2014 in response to the growing demands for simultaneous publishing to print, online and mobile media. ePublish gives you the ability to produce native apps and responsive mobile websites directly from Adobe InDesign files and integrates within Adobe’s new Digital Publishing Solution framework. Hence we can automate the entire publishing process, from design to deployment across multiple devices.

Alongside our bespoke workflow solutions, Rhapsody’s experienced team of cross-media professionals is here to enhance your creative output at every stage of the production process, from assisting with strategy and planning of projects, through to UX design, photography and high end retouching to implementing the automated processes that will ensure your project hits the press or website on time and within budget.

Blue-chip clients such as Time Inc, Argos, Boden and Waitrose already use our services in a wide variety of ways to drive their brands forward and deliver publications of outstanding quality.

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