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Discovery Print

DC Thomson, 80 Kingsway East, Dundee, DD4 8SL

The award winning Discovery Print has a portfolio of regional and national titles, producing over 14 million newspapers each and every month.

Their state of the art facility means there's no job too big for Discovery Print!

In 2012, £25 million was invested in the printing facility at its Dundee site, resulting in the installation of a new Goss CPS Press and reconfigured Goss Colorliner Press. The company also installed a new Muller Martini Mailroom with stitching, trimming, insertion and quarter-fold facilities. The four folder press operation provides customers with a varying product range from 8pp to 128pp tabloid publications.

Discovery Print also offers heatset, quarter-fold, insertion, broadsheet, magloid and stitched and trimmed facilities.

Head of Operations, Guy Forester explains, “The business has been printing regional and national titles for years. Discovery Print works closely with publishers and we know what’s important – a quality product at minimum cost. That, alongside customer service which is second to none, is absolutely key to clients.”

Guy adds, “DC Thomson’s investment in its printing operation is the most recent major capital investment in newspaper printing in the UK. We not only offer our clients a state-of-the-art facility but we offer an experienced and flexible workforce.”

Additional Services

Added value services such as multiple insertion, voucher strips, scented inks and variable data are just some of our offerings:

Insertion: Our state-of-the-art Muller Martini Mailroom enables us to carry out multiple insertion (up to 3 inserts) in to your product. The mailroom can insert a range of products from single sheet leaflets to booklet style in various sizes.

Voucher Strips: We are able to offer (dependent on pagination) a high impact advertising / voucher strip. This voucher strip will overlay either the top or the bottom of a page. These are invariably 100mm high and will appear between two pages of the product.

Scented Inks: We have the facility to add a scented ink to the product. There are a range of smells including foods (such as curry, marzipan and chocolate), fruits (such as apricot, mango and apple) and many more…

Variable Data: The Kodak Digital Print Head provides the ability to produce bespoke newspapers capable of featuring unique advertising and marketing content via uniquely printed barcodes, text, or even high end graphics.

Award Wins

• Regional Newspaper Printer of the Year 2016 – newsawards

• Regional Newspaper of the Year 2016, The Courier – newsawards

• International Printed Innovation of the Year 2016 – newsawards

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Contact Guy Forester
Job title Head of Operations
Tel 01382 575 958
Email Guy Forester
Address Discovery Print
DC Thomson
80 Kingsway East
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