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Miles 33

Miles House, Easthampstead Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1NJ

Publishing can be profitable again.

Let Miles 33 show you how we challenged old conventions about advertising sales, content management and production, then built the most innovative solutions you will see today, whether your needs lie in advertising, editorial or simply any form of multi-channel publishing.

The Gemstone Sales Automation system lets you sell anything – ads, subscriptions, TV commercials, interactive banners, video… If you can define it and price it, Gemstone, and its built in CRM, lets you sell it, track it, define KPIs for it and analyze who buys it and who sells it.

Gemstone is even integrated with Ad Servers, such as Google DFP, for digital delivery so you can grow your sales in any channel you want.

When you remove all restrictions from the sales process, your sales will soar. Imagine having your sales staff sell regardless of where they are, at a desk or at a client using a tablet or smartphone. Further boost sales with the integrated self service portal that even automates production, thanks to the world-leading Wave2 production automation software.

If your needs lie in editorial, you will be delighted by our GN4 and WebCMS system. A true multi channel newsroom solution for web, smartphone, tablet, broadcast, video and print content. All using the same HTML5 based user interface. The built-in workflow transformation engine, with automation tools you can define and deploy yourself, streamlines all those repetitive, complex or simply mundane tasks that need to be done.

Don’t take our word for it, contact us for more information or, better yet, ask for a demonstration and see how a Miles 33 system can offer extraordinary value for your business.

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