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We have been at the forefront of product innovation within the publishing industry for 44 years and we are in it for the long-run.

Our in-house developed portfolio of solutions facilitates collaboration across editorial, advertising and circulation workflows for newspaper and magazine publishers.

PCS are part of the Claverley Group of companies who have an annual turnover of £120m; the group also includes Midland News Association (MNA) publishers of the UK’s leading regional daily newspaper The Express & Star, MNA Media, commercial printers Precision Colour Printing and Channel Islands news publisher, Guiton Group.

Over forty years ago, PCS developed one of the UK’s first fully computerised publishing systems – Press 11 – a forerunner of the digital systems used by publishers all over the world today.

Development-led, PCS has taken advantage of new technologies to help envision more efficient publishing workflows and better methods of delivery, driving the move to ‘always-on’, independent remote working in the cloud and responding to the increasing desire of technology consumers to purchase software as a service.


Helping publishers realise the art of the possible.

When implementing new solutions, it can be very easy for publishers to adopt an ineffective replacement approach without realising it. Instead, PCS take a partnership approach, working closely with customers to help define a desired vision. That vision will deliver positive transformation, which is fulfilled through the implementation of our technology.

PCS take time understanding and analysing customers current ways of working. We make informed recommendations, based on the functionality of our technology. Ultimately, helping to implement change and deliver the desired efficiencies and growth opportunities publishers need to create.

Our award winning IT infrastructure is second to none, with back up at two external sites and runs 24/7. We have a UK based team of 50+ in the West Midlands, with 75% being developers so everything is done in-house with no outsourcing. We own the infrastructure, host our own software and we can host our customers; removing the need for expensive hardware.


• NCS – A comprehensive circulation, distribution and subscription management solution

• Knowledge – Portfolio of modules for publishers to build bespoke editorial and advertising workflows, consisting of:

  • Knowledge Publish – Editorial and collaboration management platform
  • Knowledge Prospect – Advertising sales and customer management platform
  • Pulse – Advertising production management solution
  • Access – Digital Asset and content management solution
  • Assist – Dynamic self-service solution for advert production
  • Plan – Editorial and advert planning solution

• PropertyNet - A property publishing solution for estate agents supporting advert creation and management.

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