Admixer is an independent adtech company, providing full-stack programmatic solutions for all market players. Since 2008, the company has been developing an ecosystem of interconnected products to meet the needs of both buy- and sell-side. Now, it has 100+ supply and demand partners, and 3,000+ clients all over the world, and 200 employees.

Admixer for Publishers

  • Admixer Header Bidding: Smart way to monetize websites
  • Admixer.SSP: Offer your inventory to global brands via smart selling and optimization
  • Admixer.Network: Ultimate platform for advertising networks creation and management
  • App Monetization: No entry barriers for Android & iOS apps
  • Admixer ID: Save your revenue from advertising and effectively manage user data after the cancellation of 3rd-party cookies

How Admixer works with the buy side

  • Admixer.DSP: A platform that uses data and technology to help advertisers more effectively purchase audiences at scale across digital media
  • Admixer.DMP: Improve your digital marketing effectiveness with precise audience targeting
  • Agency Tech Stack: A customisable modular solution that allows advertising agencies to create and make revenue from their own ad tech ecosystem
  • In-House AdTech Stack: Take full control of programmatic buying and enhance your marketing with the AdTech Stack tailored to your brand
  • Worldwide Traffic: Shorten the supply chain. Buy quality ad inventory from global publishers directly