censhare (UK)

Censhare is a Universal, Smart Content Management software vendor that supplies a content and marketing platform to global brands such as Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover, Kohls and Hearst Magazines, enabling their digital transformation to provide multi-channel, multi-language, personalized communication to their audiences.

Our clients choose us because we efficiently and easily manage content, digital assets and product information and then publish this personalized for “the multi’s” (multiple channels - including web, print and social, multiple formats, multiple personas and multiple languages) on a very large scale.

Unlike our competitors, we use an innovative semantic database technology, that is incredibly fast at delivering contextualized, highly personalized content, similar to technology that is used in cutting edge artificial intelligence and virtual assistant technology, like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The censhare Digital Experience Platform pools all marketing and communications content within one information-centric system and a consistent user interface. The best-of-breed applications for Collaboration, DAM, PIM, Omnichannel CMS and MRM create for the first time relevant digital experiences from real-time information. Information centric business processes supply employees, partners, customers and prospects, wherever and whenever required, without media or process gaps with the content they need. They improve the brand value as well the customer loyalty. censhare offers flexible deployment options from SaaS and On Premise to Hybrid.

More than 150 companies, like Dyson, GoPro, Hearst, Kohl's, Serviceplan, Migros, Rewe, Swiss Re and Vitra use censhare daily. censhare is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has further offices in Switzerland, BeNeLux, France, India, UK, the Nordics, and USA. Find out more on www.censhare.com.

Censhare’s DX platform unifies content operations across a global enterprise, converging what has traditionally been done in silos:

  • Digital experience platform
  • Digital asset management
  • Web content management
  • Product information management
  • Marketing resource management
  • Brand management