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The InPublishing Podcast is published weekly, on Wednesday mornings, throughout the year, except during August and the Christmas and Easter fortnights. You can subscribe via your preferred podcast app, or listen to the episodes below.

Episode 9: Sam Kinchin-Smith

Ciar Byrne talks to Sam Kinchin-Smith, Head of Special Projects at the London Review of Books, about what his ‘special projects’ role entails, what he thinks digital can bring to the publishing mix for a title that is likely to remain print-first, and how the LRB archive is driving exciting new content opportunities during the pandemic, and much more…

Episode 8: John Barnes

Ciar Byrne talks to John Barnes, Chief Digital Officer at William Reed Business Media, about his journey from editor to CDO, what it takes to succeed in digital publishing, how lockdown has sparked a wave of publishing innovation, and what he sees as the main trends and opportunities in content creation and revenue generation, and much more…

Episode 7: Lucy Brazier

Ciar Byrne talks to Lucy Brazier, CEO of Marcham Publishing and publisher of Executive Secretary, about how she transformed the Executive Secretary newsletter into a global events, training and consultancy business, how social media and the close relationship she has built with readers have underpinned the brand’s growth and why she is so passionate about the future potential of the executive assistant role and much more…

Episode 6: Hannah Taylor

Ciar Byrne talks to Hannah Taylor, editor and founder of independent magazine The Delicate Rébellion, about why she launched the magazine and the predominantly female arts community that runs alongside it, her passion for print and why it works for her, the challenges of being a one-woman band publishing out of a top floor flat in Edinburgh and why there's an accent above the 'e' in 'Rébellion' and much more...

Episode 5: Caroline Law

Ciar Byrne talks to Caroline Law, editor-in-chief of The Week, about her first job in publishing (at The Oldie), her early pre-internet days at The Week, how they decide which stories to put in and which to leave out, and, with The Week celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, its enduring appeal, and much more...

Episode 4: Rob Aherne

Ciar Byrne talks to Rob Aherne, MD of Bauer Media's motorcycling portfolio, about his journey from four wheels to two, the thinking behind the launch of their successful 'Bikes Unlimited' app, how the business model for publishing is changing, how his team has responded to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic and much more...

Episode 3: Katie French

Ciar Byrne talks to Katie French, editor of the Basingstoke Gazette and Andover Advertiser newspapers, about how she got into journalism, how 'local' compares to 'national', why she's made her newsroom 'digital first', the impact of Covid-19, her run-ins with the Hampshire Police and local Lib Dems, which investigative journalists she particularly admires and much more.

Episode 2: Rob Attar

Ciar Byrne talks to Rob Attar, editor of BBC History Magazine, about his fascination in history, his career, the 20th anniversary of the magazine and how the brand has evolved over the years into a multi-platform offering, the challenges of publishing during lockdown and much more.

Episode 1: Introducing The InPublishing Podcast

The InPublishing Podcast is a new podcast series for people interested in the UK newspaper, magazine and online publishing sector. Presenter Ciar Byrne gives a brief summary of what you can expect to hear each week.

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