News Fact-checkers write open letter to YouTube

Over eighty fact-checking organisations from sixty countries this week signed an open letter to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, calling on the company to take stronger measures to tackle misinformation.

FEATURE Immediate Media’s Million Subs Challenge

The start of the pandemic saw a huge increase in subs marketing activity from Immediate Media, as the company set itself ambitious subs targets. Jess Burney explains how they surpassed those targets and how they are now looking for further growth.

By Jess Burney

BUILDING SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITIES The money is in the conversation

Regularly talking and listening to your audience is the foundation stone of a strong community.

By Lucy Brazier OBE

COLUMN Solutions vs Problems

Run with the negative or accentuate the positive? Highlight problems or present solutions? These are questions, writes Dickon Ross, that editors have always grappled with.

By Dickon Ross

November/December 2021 issue now available

The latest issue of InPublishing magazine, which includes a special feature on ‘Building Successful Communities’, was published in early December.

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