INTERVIEW Audience first

Having a crystal clear view of who your audience are, what they want and what they need, and then being prepared to champion causes on their behalf, is at the heart of Hattie Brett’s approach to editing, as the Grazia editor tells Ciar Byrne.

By Ciar Byrne

FEATURE EIU and the added value test

Effective data management, software design and automation depend on understanding where you add greatest value, then optimising each step along the way, writes Meg Carter.

By Meg Carter

SUPPLIER CASE STUDY – PERCEPTION SAS B2B indie: plugging the tech gap

Many successful B2B publishers started life as two-person bands: someone to write, someone to sell. But, for success in today’s digital world, new publishers quickly need to add technical skillsets to their armoury or risk being left behind.

By James Evelegh

MEDIA FUTURES The Ecommerce Challenge

Ecommerce – the future of media or a dangerous distraction? Get it right and it can transform your company’s financials. Get it wrong, writes Jim Bilton, and it can destroy your business. And there are plenty of examples of both.

By Jim Bilton

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