COLUMN Liz Gerard’s Notebook

Blaming the French, immigration by numbers, contrasting views on the home secretary from the Mail titles, the prospect of journalists in UK jails, Pegasus, raising false hopes and unbridled Olympic joy.

By Liz Gerard

COLUMN Unknown unknowns

How much do you know about things you don’t know? The process of finding out can be exciting and profitable.

By James Evelegh

FEATURE Brands and publishers know branded content works – they just need the proof

Branded content campaigns are an increasingly important revenue stream for publishers, but proving their effectiveness has been problematic, writes Sean Adams, global insight director at Brand Metrics. That is, up until now…

By Sean Adams

PUBLISHING WORKFLOWS SPECIAL Content commissioning & creation

Welcome to our first publishing workflows special, an extended feature taking an in-depth look at all aspects of the content creation process. All of the insights and opinions come from leading suppliers of publishing software & from senior editors.

By James Evelegh

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