SURVEY The most influential people in media now

Our mediaONmedia poll has thrown up some fascinating insights about which films, tv shows and books you particularly enjoy. As part of the survey, we also asked who you considered to be the most influential person. The results are in…

By Jim Bilton

REVIEW The future of work: don’t jump the gun

At this week’s PPA Leadership Summit, one of the panel sessions looked at the future of work. James Evelegh listened in.

By James Evelegh

FEATURE Commissioning and Contributor Management

Is there a problem with managing commissions and contributors? Yes, says Paul Driscoll, director at software supplier Media Systems.

By Paul Driscoll

FEATURE The Year of the Pun-demic

One thing that has raised a rare daily smile during the Covid gloom has been the resurgence of the tabloid headline. Peter Sands celebrates the craft of the headline writer.

By Peter Sands

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