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InPublishing Webinars

7 top tips to increase your reach on TikTok

2.30-3pm (BST), Tuesday 10 September 2024


Who should attend: Editor / Reporter / Video Professional / Publisher / Head of Publishing / Publishing Director / Content Professional / Head of Content / Head of Digital / Head of Social Media / Social Media Editor / Digital Strategist / Content Strategist – and anyone with an interest in video content, digital or social media content.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Handy tips that can help your content engage more with a wider audience on TikTok
  • How to spot trends and the best way to leverage these
  • What audiences are looking for when navigating TikTok
  • Content formats that have proven popular for TikTok creators
PA Media

AI Special - Q&A

2.30-3.30pm (BST), Wednesday 26 June 2024


Ask the experts!

We have a panel of 13 experts ready to answer your questions about AI.

Ever since OpenAI released ChatGPT to the general public in November 2022, publishers have been talking about little else.

If you’re excited about AI’s transformative potential and the possibilities that lie ahead for those publishers that make the effort to engage with this incredible technology, then come to our webinar, and put your questions to our experts.

Each expert has already written a short article for InPublishing magazine. You can access these here. We recommend you have a read through these excellent pieces, because they will help shape your questions.


Who should attend: Directors, managers and senior staff with responsibility for subscriptions, audience, marketing and retention; publishing / product directors and management with responsibility for the strategic direction of their publishing brand.

You will learn:

  • How rewards can boost retention
  • What is new about VIP and the thinking behind it
  • What types of rewards work well, what types less so
  • How to optimise the ‘content’, ‘UX’ and ‘discoverability’ of a rewards programme
  • Top tips for ‘rewards’ success

Who should attend the webinar: chief executives, sales (CSO / advertising director / sales manager), digital (CTO / digital director / digital manager), product (product director / product manager / digital product manager), business development (bizdev director / bizdev manager), revenue (CRO / digital revenue managers) and anyone with an interest in increasing advertising revenue.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to scale digital advertising with small advertisers.
  • What is holding back small advertisers at the moment and how to overcome that.
  • How to bundle digital advertising into print campaigns at scale.
  • How to win back small advertisers from social media that have stopped doing print advertising.
  • How to lift the value of digital campaigns for SMEs by adding SEO as the secret sauce to display ad campaigns.
  • How to make the smallest advertisers a profit centre for your company.
  • What are the most successful and least successful bundling options for SME digital campaigns.

Every day, 1.7 million ransomware attacks occur. More than 90% of data breaches are as a result of human error. Cybercrime costs are increasing 15% annually. But what can publishers do to protect themselves from the threat of an attack?

Hackers always stay one step ahead, and as a technologically centric industry, the media sector is at great risk.

You might think ‘but I’ve got backups, I’m covered’… while it’s true that investing in a strong back up system is important, it’s only one side of the coin. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly more innovative and it’s our job to ensure our business is prepared for when an attack occurs, not if.

In this webinar, we will be exploring the different ways cybercriminals are infiltrating companies, and share the 5 key considerations you need to take into account in order to get ahead of evolving cybercrime.

Presenters (via webcam): Lineup Systems’ Mark McCartney (director of client success) and Dan Arnott (global technical delivery director). The webinar will be moderated by James Evelegh, editor of InPublishing.

What you can expect to learn:

  • We are safe, we have backups! Are you adequately protected against ransomware?
  • Opening the door to hackers. Are your staff giving criminals a helping hand?
  • Do you have a plan for when you get hacked? That's right...when.
  • We would never pay a ransom! Persuasive tactics hackers use to try and get publishers to pay up!
  • Who are you connected to? Keeping your customer’s data safe when integrated into third-party systems.

Who should attend the webinar: C-Suite, Leadership, Directors/Department heads, IT Directors, IT Managers

Lineup Systems

The squeeze on household incomes is having a significant impact on subscriber retention and churn. Keeping customers is the number one priority. So, how can you tell which customers might leave? How should you use your data to personalise retention strategies? Can you get better insight from your data to react quickly to changing behaviour?

Join our expert panellists, linked by webcams, to see which strategies you can apply to increase retention and cut churn in this difficult economic environment.

Panellists (via webcam): Claire Overstall, SVP, Global Head of Customer at The Economist, Abi Spooner, former Customer Strategy Officer at Dennis Publishing and Shailesh Mallya, co-founder and CTO at Acrotrend. The webinar will be moderated by James Evelegh, editor of InPublishing.

What will be discussed:

  • Using data to understand the reasons behind churn.
  • Organising data to spot (and predict) changing customer behaviours.
  • The role of data in the end-to-end journey in subscriber retention.
  • Segmenting subscribers to quickly personalise journeys and prevent churn.
  • Making tech and data work together to deliver better insight.

Who should attend

Publishing directors, editors and senior executives at publishing companies responsible for subscriber retention, acquisition and the customer journey.


Who should attend the webinar: chief executives, marketing (CMO / marketing director / marketing manager), digital (CTO / digital director / digital manager), product (product director / product manager / digital product manager), sales (sales director / sales manager), data (CDO / GDPR compliance officer) and anyone with an interest in first party data.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The Goal: what is the best real-time actionable data?
  • What is zero, 1st party and 3rd party data?
  • Why is the data drying up and how to keep capturing it?
  • Making the most of the data for your audience and your revenues
  • Keeping the data fresh for as long as possible
  • Leveraging the data for the maximum impact

Who should attend the webinar: Chief executives and senior management primarily at B2B publishers but also at consumer and news media publishers that are trying to build community engagement; plus executives from any area of the publishing business with a direct interest in driving community, including marketing, events, editorial, audience insight, business development / sales and product development.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What’s the strategic value for publishers in building these communities?
  • How do you resource community?
  • Where does community fit in your audience engagement approach?
  • How do you monetise communities in B2B and generate ROI?
  • 10 top tips – the success factors in building engaged communities

Who should attend the webinar: Executive management, Sales leaders, Marketing leaders, Editorial directors, Digital strategists

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an approach to selling digital ads that can get advertisers to line up to buy
  • Bring hundreds of prospects to view advertisers’ product demos right on your website
  • Gamify reader engagement to add hundreds of new leads and scores of subscribers
  • Set up contests that readers love and advertisers love to sponsor
  • Make virtual events into web-traffic enhancers and brand-builders
  • Develop sponsored content that gives readers important information while being perfectly targeted for advertisers

You should attend if:

  • you work in Audience Development, Monetisation or Membership and want to hear what other organisations are focused on
  • you work in Digital Advertising and want to understand how subscription trends affect the bottom line
  • you work in management and are planning ahead for 2021 and beyond

You can expect to learn:

  • Ideas for building profitable, collaborative relationships between publishers and brands
  • Insights into how reader experience impacts your bottom line
  • The importance of local media subscriptions to the longevity of the media industry
  • Lessons to learn from successes and failures of streaming media
  • Opportunities to bundle subscriptions to increase revenue
  • Seven ideas for leveraging all of these trends before 2021 is over!
Lineup Systems

Who should attend: Publishing directors and management, senior editorial and production staff and anyone responsible for the creation, production and editing of content.

Once viewed as a sidecar to print, digital "editions" in one form or another are now critical to keeping readers engaged with your brand, says Paul DeHart, CEO of BlueToad.

You will learn about:

  • How Covid-19 is impacting magazine reader behaviour
  • Doing your brand justice in a digital edition format
  • Delivering content appropriately on the devices that matter
  • Improving engagement through promotion
  • Shifting the digital advertising conversation
BlueToad, Inc.

Who should attend: Publishing directors and management, senior editorial and production staff and anyone responsible for the creation, production and editing of content.

With WFH now the norm, how can publishers continue to maintain the quantity and quality of their output when their teams are widely dispersed?

This webinar will give you some of the answers:

You will learn about:

  • Adapting your home for remote working
  • Coping with the family
  • Maintaining effective communication
  • Tracking work in progress
  • Using tools and technology
  • Effective remote collaboration
  • Supporting your staff
Evolved Media & WoodWing

Who should attend: Editors and senior editorial staff. Additionally, business owners, publishing directors and senior publishing management.

You will learn how to:

  • overhaul the editorial planning process
  • introduce new workflows
  • set up a new photo sharing library
  • take steps to futureproof your business

5 Ways CRM can Help Improve your Ad Sales

2.30-3.00pm (BST), Tuesday 15 October 2019


You will learn how to use CRM to:

  • Target the right prospects
  • Increase the productivity of your sales team
  • Get discounts under control
  • Minimise administration time

Who should attend: All sales roles, especially Sales Director, Head of Sales etc. Additionally, business owners, publishing directors and senior publishing management.


What will you learn?

  • How to improve your relationship with contributors
  • How processing contributions efficiently can save time and money
  • How to enhance interaction between internal commissioners and the contributors
  • What benefits real time expenditure reporting can give
  • How integration with CMS & back-end Finance system can reduce errors

Who should attend: Publishers, Managing Editors, Finance Directors, Editors, Commissioning editors, IT Directors.

Media Systems Ltd

Panellists (via webcam): former Cosmopolitan editor Louise Court, digital MD at Midland News Association Andy Hill and Phil Walker, managing director of PCS Publishing. The webinar will be moderated by James Evelegh, editor of InPublishing (see full biogs below).

What will be discussed:

  • Whether paywalls are the best way of monetising digital content
  • The importance of nurturing your team
  • Premium advertising and how to avoid the race to the bottom
  • Why creativity matters
  • Creating and managing channel agnostic content
  • Choosing the right technology to deliver real-time, personalised content

Who should attend:

Publishing directors, business owners, editors and other senior executives at magazine media companies.


What you will learn:

  • Which products and services will build value in an uncertain future
  • How to discover what services your customers will need
  • How live events can open new markets
  • How to exploit the potential of automation and technology
  • How to tackle the talent gap

Who should attend: MDs and CEOs of B2B media businesses, current and prospective investors in media businesses, Publishing Directors, Finance Directors, Marketing and Strategy Directors, Digital Directors and Publishers.


What can you expect to learn?

  • What is the ‘Legal Basis for Processing’ and how does this apply to existing data
  • Why understanding the different ways in which you use your data is of vital importance
  • When you need to re-permission and when you don’t
  • Why all data isn’t created equal and how to ensure that you don’t inadvertently get on the wrong side of the legislation
  • How to collect data in a compliant manner

Who should attend: Senior leaders in publishing, senior staff from Sales & Marketing, Circulation, Strategy and HR


What can you expect to learn?

• What data do you have – the importance of knowing what you collect and how you use it

• Where do you keep your data and who is looking after it – security is paramount in the new legislation; what steps are you expected to take?

• How long do you keep your data for – building data lifecycle management into your business processes

• What permission do you have to use the data you hold – what permissions are you going to need in the future?

• Who is responsible and who should be in charge of your data protection policies.

Who should attend: Senior leaders in publishing, senior staff from Sales & Marketing, Circulation, Strategy and HR.


Panellists (via webcam): Sean Briggs of Creative Workflows, David Whaley (managing editor of the Oldham Chronicle) and Martin Wright (editor of The Shropshire Star).

What will be discussed:

• Current state of the market

• How the newsroom was reinvented

• Templating – friend or foe?

• How can partner hubs deliver the goods?

• The benefits of a centralised workflow

• What’s coming next for the magazine industry?

Who should attend:

Managing and publishing directors, along with senior editorial staff at magazine publishers, large and small.


What you will learn?

• What drives the value of a media business to a buyer

• How you can make your media business more resilient to change

• What you can start doing now to underpin long term growth

• Which new skills your team needs to acquire

• What partnerships you must build

• What you need to know about your audience

Who should attend?

MDs and CEOs of media businesses, current and prospective investors in media businesses. Publishing directors, finance directors, marketing and strategy directors, digital directors and publishers.


What can you expect to learn?

• How to create compelling reader experiences that increase acquisition, brand advocacy, and engagement.

• How to utilise evergreen content effectively so you can maximise returns from your content and build a sustainable digital business model.

• How to use and analyse big data effectively so you can really understand readers, their interests and how they behave.

• Strategies and approaches for tailoring subscription offers to reader interests and profiles to maximise conversions.

Who should attend: Senior leaders in publishing, senior staff from Editorial, Strategy, Sales & Marketing.


What can you expect to learn?

• The future trends in personalisation; where it becomes a strategy, not just a technology.

• How to personalise a cross platform experience.

• How to take control of your audience data.

• How to let go of some editorial control whilst boosting subscriptions.

Who should attend: Senior leaders in publishing, senior staff from Editorial, Strategy, Sales & Marketing.


Seven Smart Digital Publishing Ideas

2.30-3pm (BST), Tuesday 27 September 2016


What can you expect to learn?

• What new types of content are engaging online audiences

• How to reach younger demographics

• Which services will engage an audience

• How to grow an online audience rapidly

• How to create advertising that makes readers switch off ad blockers

Who should attend: Publishers, Publishing Directors, Marketing Directors, Editors, Digital Content heads and anyone in a publishing team looking for new digital ideas


What can you expect to learn?

How better use of your technology can help you:

  • Empower your teams to cross-sell and upsell more effectively
  • Switch from a platform / title sales approach to an audience-led sales approach
  • Make better use of inventory, link with programmatic and reach new audiences
  • Leverage self-service for your customers
  • Improve efficiency in the ad sales process

Who should attend: publishing directors, CIOs/Head of IT, director of operations, sales directors, senior sales and commercial staff and those with responsibility for ad sales technology.


As publishers develop a much more multi-layered approach to delivering content to their audiences across a range of platforms and channels, where does the traditional newsstand fit?


10 keys to successful digital transformation

2.30-3pm (BST), Wednesday 13 April 2016


How can a traditional B2B or B2C print publisher transition to a digital-first media business? As reading habits are revolutionised by technology, the pressure for digital transformation is growing. But how can you take your content, audiences, advertisers and teams with you on this perilous journey?


The worst possible reason for embarking on a new digital project is that it sounds really, really cool. Too many publishers have travelled down new media’s garden path only to find that it ends in an all too familiar tumble-weed strewn cul de sac. Picking projects that will work is not rocket science however - thinking about traditional success measures can avoid the heartache of failed digital projects and make sure that scarce resources are deployed where they will bring real results.


In modern publishing and communications, it’s essential to reach your audience via various channels including print, web, social media, smartphones and tablets.

On the one hand, this enables you to exploit whole new business opportunities. On the other hand, it poses new challenges to overcome. One is the need to effectively manage the vast and ever-increasing number of digital files, your creative assets, to become more efficient in the modern day workflows.

You need to develop a clear strategy to ensure you quickly find any of your digital assets at any given time for efficient re-use. Every lost creative file costs money. Too often you may find yourself repurchasing assets or recreating them – this is particularly annoying when you know for sure that the file must exist somewhere!

WoodWing Software

5 Top Tips for Surviving in the Digital World

2.30-3pm (GMT), Tuesday 25 November 2014


Surviving in the digital world is all about being smart and knowing things. The trouble is that there are simply too many things to know. In this webinar we will focus on the 5 key things you need to know to turn your digital "to do" list into a digital "strategy." None of this is rocket science, but sometimes we just need to step back from the day-to-day torrent of business to strip down to what we really need to know and do. This webinar will explore the key principles and tools you need, based on best practice in other digital entertainment businesses.


5 Top Tips To Increase Your Retention Rates

2.30-3pm (GMT), Wednesday 5 November 2014


In just 30 minutes you will learn:

1. What THE most important number is in your retention marketing (Clue: It’s not 42).

2. Why acquisition marketers should report directly to retention marketers.

3. Why retention marketing is a million times easier for digital products than print products (if you know what you are doing).

4. Why you must be good at empathy (even data geeks).

5. And of course 5 top tips to increase your retention rates.


As the number of apps in the Apple Store increase and the curation of the digital news stand comes to a halt, getting customers to find their digital magazine has become a point of frustration for most publishers.

In this webinar, we explore how you can improve your discoverability within the app store to attract new customers from around the world.

We’ll highlight the key marketing tools and tips at your disposal, such as how to select the right keywords, what makes a great app description, how selecting your images needs more consideration and why user ratings can help you sell more apps.

We’ll also look at examples used by some of the successful brands and other industries such as gaming to illustrate best practice thinking and practical tips which can be easily implemented by your marketing teams.


Balancing the 'three legged-stool' is an old-school analogy for publishing survival. Publishers have a good chance of success if they can balance the three legs of content, audience and revenue; but if any of the three legs fall short, the business will eventually ‘fall over’.

Pre-digital, that simply meant convincing display advertisers that the quality of your content would keep the audience’s attention long enough for their ads to be seen. Digital has made the balancing act way more interesting and publishers are using a raft of alternative publishing models to keep the stool upright.


In a medium where everything can be measured, how do we identify the important metrics, implement the correct reporting tools and language and understand what the metrics might be telling us about our particular brands?Click on the link below for more information…


All the talk in the boardrooms of our leading magazine publishing houses recently has been about digital media. Print revenues are flat at best and the industry’s obsessively focused on the challenge of turning digital pennies into pounds. Click on the link below for more information…