Guidelines for Supplier Press Releases

We consider the following to be good examples of ‘newsworthy’ stories from suppliers:

  • new contract wins
  • launch of new services (including major new software releases)
  • senior personnel appointments
  • significant new investment
  • major expansion of operations
  • major name and / or branding changes
  • major pieces of market research (where the research is of sufficient scope and scale to offer significant and extensive new insight into mainstream publishing strategy)

What you should send:

  • Word document plus accompanying image (which should not be a company logo)
  • should be emailed to:

How it should be presented:

  • ideally, press releases should be presented as follows:
  • headline
  • introduction (approx 50 words)
  • main text (recommend not more than 500 words)
  • we recommend keeping the text as objective and factual as possible and keeping ‘marketing-speak’ to a minimum. We will edit out anything we see as ‘puff’. The one exception is quotations; where someone is being directly quoted, then we will not edit the quotation.