PageSuite announces launch of Live News App

PageSuite’s SVP Product, Simon Fry and SVP Business Development, Ben Edwards officially launched PageSuite’s new live news app during a webinar on Wednesday 4th March.

PageSuite announces launch of Live News App
Simon Fry: “Integrating this with our Replica SDK, and in the future linking it with our new Edition product, provides a number of options for clients."

‘Live’ will sit alongside PageSuite’s existing Replica and Edition solutions, offering publishers a complete range of digital publishing products to cater for different use cases, says PageSuite.

Live takes publisher’s existing content from a feed and places it into flexible, templated designs which are optimised for mobile and tablet devices across iOS, Android and on the web. Content will regularly update throughout the day, ensuring that readers are presented with the latest articles.

According to PageSuite, content will be available to read offline and readers will be able to share, bookmark and download articles. Readers will also be able to personalise sections to tailor the app to suit their preferences. PageSuite’s platform is integrated with Firebase for notifications and analytics and publishers can integrate the solution with their existing subscription and payment provider.

PageSuite can also integrate the Replica edition into the Live app product so publishers can offer their Replica editions alongside live news content. This is key as many publishers look to offer readers a ‘2-in-1’ app that caters for both types of content. It’s also, says PageSuite, a way for them to monetise their apps as many publishers place Replica content behind a paywall, whilst offering the live news content for free.

Simon Fry, Product Director at PageSuite said, “We believe that by offering a fast, reliable, feature-rich product to deliver live news content we can provide real value to publishers in strengthening either their subscription business or their options for display advertising. Providing this as a platform solution rather than custom projects on a per client basis allows us to do it in a more economical way for clients and for all of our customers to benefit as the product is updated with new features and improvements.”

“Integrating this with our Replica SDK, and in the future linking it with our new Edition product, provides a number of options for clients looking to maximise the value of their digital content. This can work to expand the audience for their digital edition or to provide greater value for existing end users and subscribers through a single product.”

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