Publishers don’t have time to deal with solutions that are cobbled together. To win today, they need the right people, processes and technology. ePublishing’s suite of software brings together online and print, editorial management, audience data, marketing and sales for a holistic approach; ePublishing enables dynamic delivery of content through any channel at any time.

Drive revenue, improve productivity and increase engagement with ePublishing. We offer solutions to publishers of all types, including B2B trade publications, business information publishers, newspapers, consumer magazines and more. We have worked with Progressive Publishing, BNP Media, Bioworld, Western News, Halldale, American Hospital Association, Hagadone Media Group and more.

Our platforms manage print and digital content, websites, paywalls, subscriptions ecommerce, and more and integrate easily with more than 80 third-party solutions for fulfillment, email and advertising.

Continuum CMS

Your website is the living, beating heart of your media business: where content, audience data, advertising, marketing, and sales should work together to streamline workflow, engage readers, and increase sales. Deliver personalized news to readers on your websites based on demographics and behavior.

Within one industrial-strength system, Continuum CMS empowers publishers to create, manage, distribute and monetize content; capture and capitalize on reader behavior; enhance audience engagement; and grow sales through ecommerce. Gain a central repository of all content and digital assets that acts like a DAM. This gives your publications an easy-to-access resource enabling maximum collaboration and content ROI.

Ellington CMS

Ellington CMS is purpose-built big-city newsroom power for award-winning online newspaper and media teams. Manage content, users, social media, local business services, videos and more – all in one place – with an enterprise-level CMS without the enterprise-level cost.


Duet is a powerful, economical digital-to-print edition workflow solution linking CMS platforms with Adobe InDesign. Editors and print page designers can work from the Web CMS instead of two separate systems, making this tool more efficient and saving publishers money.

Reader Intelligence

The Reader Intelligence content analytics tools for publishers – Insights, Action CDP and Access – turn reader data into dollars with easy-to-understand dashboards and simple but powerful real-time marketing tools. Simply put, when publishers know their audience better, they engage and sell more.