Workbooks delivers cloud-based CRM and business applications to growing and mid-market organisations, at an affordable price.

Workbooks CRM allows Media & Publishing companies to thrive by creating operational excellence, enabling them to manage their audience efficiently and effectively and substantially drive growth across all revenue streams. With Workbooks CRM, you can deepen your audience engagement, whatever the channels, and drive value for all your customers.

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for growing Media & Publishing Businesses:

Audience Management

  • A full 360 degree view of your audience, across all your brands
  • Track behaviour of your audience at a granular level, understand how they interact with your content to inform your editorial and commercial strategy
  • Better segmentation
  • Run effective campaigns to your audience for higher engagement
  • Detect change in audience behaviour to trigger targeted campaigns
  • Deliver highly personalised content to your audience
  • Greater visibility and better decision making

Subscription Management

  • Improve and automate your subscription processes for greater efficiency and better customer experience
  • Keep renewal rate high
  • Drive timely and effective campaigns to encourage subscriptions and renewals
  • Cross-sell to your existing customers across brands
  • Real-time performance tracking against targets

Advertising Sales

  • Grow your advertising revenue and save time
  • Improve your sales process end-to-end, from selling to processing orders to delivering on the orders, invoicing etc.
  • Follow-up leads quickly
  • Drive excellence across your sales team and increase productivity
  • Track sales discussions and outstanding proposals
  • Full inventory management to optimise sales efforts
  • Effectively manage multiple discount levels
  • Track sales performance against target in real-time
  • Deep customer insights enabling sales to close deals faster

Event Management

  • Improve your event uptake
  • Segment your audience so that you reach your desired target personas
  • Automate processes from selling tickets and sponsorships, to invoicing and payment receipt, to generating tickets etc.
  • Enable delegate self-service through online booking and payment
  • Manage all operational aspects from a single unified view
  • Manage all stakeholders (sponsors, delegates, suppliers, speakers etc) information and drive engagement – in one place
  • Efficiently manage and sell both delegate and sponsorship packages
  • Real-time tracking of registrations / attendees / sponsors against targets