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NewsTeam Group is a UK-wide newspaper and magazine delivery company, providing a professional early morning service to over 74,000 addresses across the UK. As of May 2021, we are delivering to over 50,000 of our own direct delivery customers. In addition to our own customer base, we fulfil the delivery of subscription copies on behalf of several publishers. NTG operates a delivery network consisting of strategically placed distribution and packing hubs; working with several hundred contractor deliverers and partner retailers to maximise national coverage.

NTG has continued to grow significantly and consistently by partnering directly with publishers in regional & national newspaper publishing, as well as magazine publishers. Working in direct partnership has allowed us to reduce complicated structures and dependencies, as well as finding innovative solutions for publishers within our audience. This ‘direct to reader’ approach allows publishers of all shapes and sizes to benefit from the three main advantages of our services.


The most important consideration is audience satisfaction. We guarantee titles, particularly weeklies, will arrive on day A or at most day B, and in line with news stand availability which is paramount.


NTG will identify savings on your cost of subscription fulfilment. For independent or smaller publishers, this is a key consideration, as the saving effectively drops right to your bottom line, ensuring a profit gain. For larger publishers, we understand that fragmenting your service is not an option, so whilst our network continues to grow towards 100%, we also offer a mailing solution to cover 100% of your subscribers.

New subscription acquisition

A general trend of the pandemic is most publishers have seen a migration of newsstand purchasers to subscriptions. Helping drive this further, we offer sampling as a means to introduce magazine brands to new print subscribers from our existing network, and then direct sales opportunity & fulfilment services to support that acquisition moving forwards.

Key contacts

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Romano Sidoli – Head of Magazine Relations –

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