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We’re Interconnect IT Ltd. We design, build and support custom software solutions to aid your business. Our aim is to simplify digital to make life easier and cost-effective for our clients. Our Standfirst suite has been developed to specifically cater for the publishing industry and solve your most pressing digital needs whilst providing a great starting point for larger projects – including custom data products.

We have seen first-hand how important costs, flexibility and platform stability are to publishers. With this in mind, we follow the principles of making life simpler, faster and more profitable through our range of services including an easy subscription solution.


First moving into publishing in 2006, we are a team of experienced developers, designers, user experience specialists and project managers offering a full-service solution, with a focus on custom solutions for publishers, as well as our powerful, flexible digital publishing suite. We are proud to say we have contributed to many publishing success stories across the industry, winning clients awards and substantial growth.

Whatever your size, if you need a reliable and consistent partner that delivers excellent value, choose us. Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the best names in the industry, including The Telegraph, Centaur Media, Family Capital, New Statesman, The Critic and The Spectator. We have also provided many smaller marketing sites with the same need to scale and just work as needed.


  • Design: Full design service; Digital & print branding and guides; Wireframing and mock-ups; Prototypes UX and UI
  • The geeky stuff: Enterprise WordPress specialists; Web application development; Data product design and development; Metered Paywalls and E-commerce; Site migrations; Portfolio-wide search
  • Support & Hosting: User support and maintenance; Uptime monitoring and calamity support; High availability enterprise-level hosting; Customer service desks


Standfirst is the fully hosted suite that makes digital publishing easy for small to medium publishers: Standfirst for Web, Standfirst for Kindle and Standfirst for Alexa. Standfirst for Web can be fully customised to suit your needs.

  • Benefits of Standfirst: Great starting point for varied publishing projects; Cost-effective monthly subscription plans; Kindle and Alexa support; Powerful page builder content blocks; Datawall and Paywall with flexible metered rules; Stripe subscriptions integration; Onboarding and continued user support

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