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Reaching a wider audience

LexisNexis recently announced a tie-up with the Guardian newspaper to supply legal information and related services to its diverse readership, including legal professionals, business people and consumers. Josh Bottomley explains LexisNexis’ strategy.

By Josh Bottomley

Our agreement is twofold. Firstly, we will supply information including law reports, articles and user generated content from some of our market leading magazines, including New Law Journal and Criminal Law and Justice Weekly, which will be invaluable to legal professionals in the United Kingdom and around the world. Secondly, we will integrate our LexisNexis LawyerLocator service into the Guardian site. This service provides clear and impartial advice about exactly what lawyers offer and how to get the most out of your lawyer, including easy-to-understand explanations of the law as well as providing one of the largest sources of comparative information on UK lawyers and law firms available.

By working with the Guardian, we will expose our information to a potentially much wider audience than would otherwise have access to it, firstly as a large portion of the information would only have been available on a paid service or secondly, in the case of LexisNexis LawyerLocator, would be competing for traffic on the open web. Because the Guardian is taking a highly informed approach to law and the legal market the audience who visit the site, even non-traditional customers such as consumers and business people, will be looking for information of the highest quality which is what we produce.

In terms of how this ties in with our broader information approach, we are obsessively focussed on ensuring that all our information will contribute to our customers’ success, both because it is relevant to their role and position but also because they can rely on its accuracy and authority. Allied to this focus on our information is the desire to access as wide an audience as possible in a commercial context that works for LexisNexis. This tie-up therefore will provide a powerful outlet for our information that will allow not only our existing customers but also potential customers to utilise our content and interact with it in a trusted space.

With regard to marketing, we want to ensure that our reputation resonates positively with our own customers and our customers’ customers in terms of the value that we deliver to them through our information and our services. The association with a trusted brand such as the Guardian, both for our more technical legal audience and our non-technically focused audience, provides strong support for that marketing aim.

We therefore believe that this tie up with the Guardian supports both our wider content and marketing strategy but also delivers something extra for both existing and potential LexisNexis customers. However, whilst this is a commercial tie-up, we are also undertaking it in the hope that it will be of public benefit.

We believe that legal information of the highest quality is vital to the proper functioning of the legal system, the legal profession and society as a whole.