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The Evening Standard launches Plug It In campaign

The Evening Standard last week launched Plug It In, a new campaign to jump-start the electrification of the capital.

The Evening Standard launches Plug It In campaign
Charlotte Ross: “Thousands of excess deaths in London have been attributed to air pollution; it is an issue that impacts all Londoners.”

The Evening Standard says it has long championed the need for action around air quality in London and its latest campaign, which will focus on accelerating the roll-out of electric vehicle infrastructure in the capital, will support the pledges from Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to deliver a net-zero city by 2030.

Plug It In is a new, multi-channel, editorially-led campaign with two objectives: to help Londoners better understand the electric vehicle landscape and to drive forward the electric conversation on a policy level, at both a local and global scale. Moving beyond the need to simply encourage electric vehicle (EV) take-up, the campaign aims to support the development of an entirely new electric eco-system in London that combines clean, affordable energy with the required charging infrastructure.

Plug It In is supported by commercial partners that share the aims of the campaign, including Uber.

According to the publishers, the campaign speaks to the environmental engagement of Evening Standard readers: according to recent data from TGI, ES Group readers are 32% more likely than the national average to be interested in reading about environmental issues in print media.

The launch of Plug It In, which coincided with Clean Air Day last week, is marked by a column from Sadiq Khan published in the Evening Standard, who says that there is no room for complacency on clean transport in London and that the Plug It In campaign couldn’t be more timely or needed.

The association of the campaign with the Mayor, along with policy makers and other industry stakeholders who will speak directly to Londoners through interviews and thought leadership throughout the campaign, will allow the Evening Standard to accelerate London’s progress and create a global blueprint for electric cities, say the publishers.

Bringing Londoners along for the ride, the campaign seeks to involve and inspire the city across every touchpoint of the Evening Standard brand from digital, print and live, to further immerse audiences in the many ways they can support the improvement of their city. A new Plug It In hub on the Optimist – the Evening Standard’s digital-first thought leadership platform – will provide a dedicated channel for all content, showcasing news, features and video.

The campaign will include two live events: The Plug It In Expo, and the Plug It In Summit, convening policy makers and other stakeholders with the express aim of identifying the challenges around London’s green transition and delivering a roadmap to making it happen.

Charlotte Ross, Acting Editor, Evening Standard, said: “Thousands of excess deaths in London have been attributed to air pollution; it is an issue that impacts all Londoners. So we’re proud to launch the Plug It In campaign to accelerate London’s shift to becoming a green city. Building on the Evening Standard’s powerful campaigning heritage, Plug It In is another example of our unrelenting crusade to drive positive change in the capital. We’re excited to bring Evening Standard audiences on this journey.”

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