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Drones, robots & wearable tech… Santa’s unusual Christmas list

Forget satsumas and slippers, says Newsworks, some Christmas stockings could be considerably more hi-tech this year, with robots and drones making Santa’s wish list.

A recent survey among UK adults found a request for a drone - a Phantom DJI 2 no less - while a 49-year-old man hopes for a robotic lawnmower and a 72-year-old woman looks for an automatic cleaner.

But despite the tempestuous scenes on Black Friday and the record traffic of Cyber Monday, lots of consumers couldn’t think of a tech item they’d like for Christmas (42% of UK adults), according to a recent Newsworks survey, conducted by YouGov.

This could be because UK households have acquired two new tech devices on average in the past 12 months, taking the average number per household up to almost seven (6.9). The majority of UK adults now own computers (90%), smartphones (73%) and tablets (52%).

As part of the survey, Newsworks also asked media agencies what they’d like Santa to bring them and it’s no surprise that they are early adopters, with 7% hoping for wearable tech this year, such as a smart watch or fit band, compared with just 1% of UK adults.

Unsurprisingly, says Newsworks, Apple is the most popular brand overall, with 21% of UK adults naming an Apple product on their Christmas wish list. Media bods are particularly biased to iPads, MacBooks and iPhones, with Apple products accounting for 49% of their list.