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Express & Star airs documentary

The Express & Star's documentary, Grief, aired on TV last night, shining a light on the devastating consequences of knife crime in the Black Country.

Express & Star airs documentary
Mark Morris: “We wanted to document a crucial subject that should concern each and every one of our readers.”

The Express & Star says the film delves into the stark realities of this epidemic, featuring interviews with two grieving parents, Mark Brindley and Pooja Kanda.

Mark Brindley, father of James Brindley who was murdered in Walsall in 2017, and Pooja Kanda, mother of Ronan Kanda who was murdered in Wolverhampton in 2022, bravely share their haunting stories of loss.

Through their words, viewers are given an intimate look into the emotional aftermath and shattered lives left in the wake of senseless violence.

The film aired last night tonight on Shots! freeview channel 276 at 8.25pm and then it will air again on Sunday at 8.25pm. It's also available to stream here.

Mark Morris, group digital editor, said: “We wanted to document a crucial subject that should concern each and every one of our readers. Knife crime has been devastating our communities, but now we are witnessing an alarming shift.

“The countless cases have almost desensitised the public to what should be truly shocking. It's time for us to break this cycle with a film that demands change.

“Before we departed from the Express & Star offices, we were determined to create something of utmost importance that deeply resonates with our region.

“Grief is not just another documentary filled with cold facts and headlines. It is an exploration of the unyielding spirit of those who have suffered immeasurable loss. It showcases the unwavering strength that arises in the face of tragedy and serves as a powerful wake-up call for all of us.”

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