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Reach announces launch of Studio

Reach has announced the launch of Studio and the combined team of “audiovisual excellence” working across editorial and commercial.

Reach announces launch of Studio
Mark Field said: “Bringing together so much creative talent and enthusiasm into one team is a powerful thing."

Reach has announced the senior team leading its newly created Studio - a team bringing together the multimedia talent in the business as well as branded content specialists. The team is a fully blended editorial and commercial team, serving multimedia content both to audiences and advertising partners.

Led by Mark Field, director of studio, Reach says the senior team also includes:

Yara Silva, head of content, leading ideation and creation of all audio and video content across the group, from editorial, to branded content and podcasts. Yara was previously group head of Social Media for Reach’s National titles, working in the newsroom.

Harrie Dumenil, head of production and delivery, leading on processes and ensuring the successful delivery of content across Reach. Harrie has worked both agency and publisher-side, with previous roles at the Telegraph and PHD Media.

Michelle Linaker, head of events, leading on Pride of Britain and Pride of Scotland Awards. Michelle has previously worked on a broad range of events from festivals, Madonna’s live tour to the Empire film awards.

Spencer Rowbotham, head of design, leading all creative design and art direction across the group. Spencer has a range of experience across video, digital and print platforms through multi-format commercial campaigns and supporting our marketing, partnerships and corporate teams.

Reach says the team will continue to be geographically diverse but will make use of several of its hubs, including London Canary Wharf, Manchester and Birmingham.

Mark Field said: “Bringing together so much creative talent and enthusiasm into one team is a powerful thing. With over 120 content specialists in the virtual ‘room’, ideas have been flowing since day one, from developing existing podcasts to producing new video shows and formats, to creating content that our huge social audiences will love.

“And while some of our people will have periods where they are more devoted either to commercial or editorial projects, bringing the team together will set the bar for audiovisual excellence in all of our multimedia content, whether a football podcast or a political vox pop.

“I’m excited to work with everyone to create brilliant creative work both for our audiences and for our commercial partners.”

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