Scarlet to relaunch as digital only magazine

A new publishing company has acquired Scarlet Magazine, the “magazine dedicated to celebrating the sex lives and relationships of women” and will re-launch the former print periodical later this month as a digital-only title.

Scarlet Publishing Ltd has been formed by Rebekah Billingsley, former Digital Publishing Director of BBC Worldwide and Wes Stanton, owner of Blaze Publishing Limited, who have incorporated the company specifically to relaunch Scarlet Magazine as a digital title.

Scarlet Magazine was initially a print magazine started in November 2004 which ceased publication in June 2010, a little over a year after it was sold by Blaze Publishing to Trojan Publishing. The magazine was billed as “Cosmo’s sexier, raunchier, cooler younger sister”.

Rebekah Billingsley believes Scarlet’s content can find more followers in digital than in print: “I have always been a huge fan of Scarlet; it is one of only two magazines I’ve been a subscriber to in my 18 years in publishing so I’m really honoured to be part of bringing it back to life. As a magazine, it is more relevant than ever; longer working hours, online dating, Tinder, social media communication and on-demand sex are disrupting our sex lives more than ever. We’re here to help to guide our readers through the white noise to find what they want, when they want it.”

Wes Stanton sees this title able to recreate itself in the digital space: “The digital newsstand creates opportunities for niche titles to publish and distribute in a way that was never possible with print. It allows publishers to create more focused content and grow into international markets. Demand for Scarlet Magazine with readers was always strong even when the print title shut – and by focusing on digital publishing, we can see an exciting future for this brand.”

According to the publishers, Scarlet is dedicated to celebrating sex and relationships from a female perspective. Each edition, it provides inspiration and information to help readers get what they want from their sex and love lives, with frank and informative features that epitomise the way women talk to each other when men aren't around.

From Sexpertise, the in-depth guide to achieving sexual fulfilment, Real Lives which explores what is happening behind the closed doors of the nation, controversial columnists addressing the burning issues women are debating, and intelligent features aimed purely at women, Scarlet aims to help to maximise bliss in the bedroom and address the issues we’re all obsessing about. Every issue also includes the infamous Cliterature section, 20 pages of erotic stories that stimulate the parts other magazines don’t reach.

The June issue of the magazine launches on Apple News Stand, Amazon and Google Play on 14th May 2014 priced £2.49 per issue or £25.99 per year.