Time Out changes logo purple for International Women’s Day

Time Out yesterday changed its logo purple to mark International Women’s Day.

Time Out changes logo purple for International Women’s Day
Caroline McGinn: “We are fighting to see a world where women are valued.”

International Women’s Day drives global awareness of the social, economic, cultural and political fight for women’s rights and equality. This year, Time Out is calling for everyone to ‘raise their heads, hearts and hands to women’ across the globe and to celebrate the achievements of female owned businesses in our cities.

Covid-19 has hit women and women of colour the hardest of all, says Time Out. This year, to mark International Women’s Day, Time Out’s Global Editor in Chief, Caroline McGinn shares a personal snapshot of what it means to be a woman during the pandemic, especially the caregivers who have worked tirelessly throughout.

Time Out has also dedicated national and international content to sign-post city dwellers to virtual events taking place for readers to celebrate and learn more about women’s rights, protests and more. Editors have also highlighted the best women-owned businesses in their city to support.

Global Editor-in-Chief, Caroline McGinn says, “I’m proud that Time Out is turning its masthead purple today to support International Women’s Day. With the pandemic affecting women in their jobs the most, whether that’s losing their positions or working while caring for their children or family members, this conversation needs to be loud this year. We are fighting to see a world where women are valued. Where empathy and generosity are strengths not weaknesses. We encourage everyone to discover the best International Women’s Day events happening in our cities today and to support all women and female owned businesses in their neighbourhoods.”

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