DTI AudienceReach: latest release

Digital Technology International (DTI) has announced the latest release of its DTI AudienceReach software that now includes targeted email marketing.

The DTI AudienceReach solution claims to enable news media organisations to better know, and therefore more accurately target, their print and online readers. It now also provides extensive tools for direct marketing.

DTI AudienceReach automates the collection, dissection, analysis and use of audience data down to the individual - in much the same way as human genome analysis, says the company. The Audience Genome is a multidimensional profile that provides useful information for targeting ads and other content while maintaining individual privacy.

The software allows audience data to be gathered from many sources including circulation systems, subscriptions, advertising, coupon responses, Web site activity and online purchasing history.  In addition, it enables the seamless integration of psychographic, lifestyle and interest data from a variety of third-party sources.

Targeting Content and Outbound Marketing

The audience data held within DTI AudienceReach is used to enable publishers to target content in much the same way as Google and other search engines target advertising based upon search queries. DTI however uses much richer and deeper data so that targeting is much more accurate, and more personal, according to the company. Greater ad precision yields much higher value CPM and CPC advertising rates for publishers.   

It also allows the publisher to keep 100% of the online ad revenue.

The DTI targeted selection engine can be integrated with ad network services such as Google’s AdSense, Yahoo’s ATP, DoubleClick, Rubicon, OAS, and others. Newspapers participating in ad network partnerships can leverage the ‘key interest’ information in the DTI audience solution to request targeted ads from the networks.

“Ad targeting is a new revenue source for every newspaper,” says Steve Nilan (pictured), VP of marketing, DTI. “By accurate targeting, our AudienceReach solution maximizes the value of advertising for the advertiser, optimizes the rate for the publisher, and also provides highly sophisticated targeted direct marketing and email capabilities that maintain and increase circulations.

“It is perfect for today’s dynamic, audience-centric media business. We yield for our customers’ step-change improvements in business efficiency, and deliver the structural cost savings they so urgently need in today’s, often harsh, media climate.”

About Digital Technology International

DTI says: “Digital Technology International (DTI) delivers audience-centric Web, print, and mobile solutions to publishers around the world. The company's unique technology and professional services help media organizations engage audiences by delivering targeted news, ads and entertainment. Whether onsite or via SaaS (Software as a Service), DTI software helps customers generate new revenue, reduce costs, manage resources, and make more informed business decisions. Its solutions are successfully implemented at more than 2.000 customer sites around the globe. DTI is headquartered near Salt Lake City, USA, with offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Panama, Sweden, the United Kingdom and USA.”