First investigation published by media partners of The Signals Network

On 15 May, The Signals Network had its first investigation published by its media partners Die Zeit (Germany), El Mundo (Spain), Mediapart (France), Republik (Switzerland) and The Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom).

First investigation published by media partners of The Signals Network

The articles expose previously unreported connections between the heart of Russia’s internet disinformation campaign and a Spanish company.

Die Zeit, El Mundo, Mediapart, Republik and The Daily Telegraph, have a combined audience of more than 65 million people across the world in four languages. In this investigation, they co-operated with the investigative platform Bellingcat.

The published articles were the results of an unprecedented call for information. The media partners of The Signals Network chose last June to investigate and to call for information collaboratively on the theme of misuse of big data.

The media groups worked together to maximize the impact of their investigations for the benefit of the public interest, said The Signals Network. They shared the information they received, investigated collaboratively, coordinated the nature and format of the publications and a common embargo.

Potential whistleblowers who believe in good faith that the practices of corporations with access to big data are harming the public interest can continue to contact these media directly through the appropriate channels.

“Today marks the first public confirmation that a call for information and investigations initiated by top tier international medias on a topic they chose can reveal massive wrongdoings threatening our democracies,” explains Gilles Raymond, the Founder and Chairman of The Signals Network.

The Signals Network is a European-American foundation dedicated to working with top tier medias launching international investigations. The Signals Network also provides support to selected whistleblowers.