Guardian and Observer first on Vio ADSEND

Guardian News & Media (GNM) publisher of the Guardian and the Observer has become the first media organisation to offer advertisers Vio's next generation ad management and delivery service, AdSEND.

This is the first time advertisers will be able to use a Vio system to send all their advertising to GNM titles.

GNM's advertisers will now be able to benefit, says Vio, from the functionality and low costs of their web based Software as a Service (SaaS) ad delivery solution.

This means a flat rate of £4 per send, no matter the size of the ad. So delivering a full page display ad to the Guardian or the Observer would be over 90% cheaper than by sending with other comparable systems, according to Vio.

Keith Fielding, Head of Ad Services, Guardian News & Media, said: "This is great news for our clients and enables us to offer an efficient ad delivery service. The Vio AdSEND portal is very much the future of ad management systems. It can save money and make life cheaper and easier for our advertisers. We are pleased to be the first to go live."

"We are delighted that Guardian News & Media has decided for the first time to provide Vio users the opportunity to send to their publications. AdSEND is compelling in terms of price, usability and functionality and GNM's agreement to offer the service demonstrates this. Over the coming weeks other UK national and regional titles will go live, adding to the magazine and international titles our users already send to," said Gavin Page, European Sales Director of Vio Worldwide. "AdSEND offers newspapers and advertisers a range of ad delivery management features which will improve their operations at a day to day level."

The publication specifications for all GNM titles are now available in AdSEND, so when an advertiser uploads a file for delivery, the system automatically performs hundreds of preflight checks. If the file is not 100% correct, AdSEND will alert the advertiser to the exact problem, will suggest possible remedies and even offer to perform auto corrections. The net result is that when an ad arrives at the Guardian, it is always correct and ready for print.  

About Vio Worldwide

Vio says: "Vio Worldwide provides solutions to streamline and brand digital supply chains. The tools to achieve this include: customer-facing service portals; automated advertising creation; digital asset management; automated, remote preflighting solutions; colour-managed soft proofing; standards based integration of business and operations systems, including insertion management and booking reconciliation; securely managed, tracked and automated online delivery; and innovative network design and outsourced 24/7 network management. Vio Worldwide leads the way in technology standards, participating in XML standards setting bodies for online and print media. It has offices in the US, UK, Israel and France. In the US, the company does business as AdSEND, which specializes in the development of solutions that link workflow partners in innovative ways that allow them to not only exchange files, but also vital information about those files. Vio Worldwide is part of LMS Capital plc, a UK-based quoted company with over £250 million in assets.