My Jul/Aug takeaways

The July / August issue of InPublishing magazine was published last week. James Evelegh picks out some takeaways and highlights.

By James Evelegh

My Jul/Aug takeaways

Below are some takeaways and highlights from the recently published July/August issue of InPublishing magazine. Print copies were mailed out last week. (All the links below are to our digital edition.)

  1. Digital transformation at the NYT has been all about “smashing assumptions about seniority”: many of the decisions at the company are now taken by people in their 20s and 30s. (Ray Snoddy interviewing Mark Thompson)
  2. The Week is internet proof! The sheer volume of online information sources only reinforces its appeal. (Just the way you are)
  3. If you have extensive reach and great evergreen content, then a registration barrier should be the first thing a visitor sees when they try to read one of your articles. (Happy Birthday BBC History Magazine)
  4. Statistically, seven episodes in, most podcasters will abandon their efforts. Lesson: don’t launch without a plan. (Peter Houston)
  5. Pandemics are a time for innovation. EMG-Health launched more new projects in the 12 weeks after lockdown than in the previous 12 months. (Meg Carter interviewing Spencer Gore)
  6. Authenticity is the vital ingredient that infuses every page of The Delicate Rébellion. (Tender loving care)
  7. America’s Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jinping have become the world’s most powerful press freedom predators. (Roy Greenslade)
  8. Alan Geere reviews six prominent online-only news sites.
  9. Supposedly independent journalists trot out the government line because they daren’t bite the hand that feeds them. (Liz Gerard)
  10. Getting info on your visitors is crucial, but don’t scare them off with a 15 page registration form. (Ten tips for digital success)
  11. The best way to give a weekly newsroom the same buzz as a daily one, is to go digital-first (aka journalism-first). (Re-energising the Basingstoke Gazette)
  12. Post-covid, there’ll be a place for WFH, but publishers should be wary of ditching the office altogether. (Martin Belam)
  13. How to get the best out of your LinkedIn group: Just pumping out links is counterproductive. Join discussions, ask questions, offer opinions. (The Power of LinkedIn)
  14. “Jargon in the wrong place becomes a barrier to understanding and excludes people not in the know.” (Dickon Ross on the right use of words)
  15. “It’s not enough to just offer great content than entertains; you have to be able to move people towards some kind of transaction funnel in parts of your business.” (The Road Ahead)
  16. Jim Bilton weighs up the pros and cons of international expansion.

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