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Preciso announces integrated ad solution

Preciso has launched an AI-driven native advertising solution that aims to help advertisers increase CTR and engagement while driving down CPM.

Preciso announces integrated ad solution
Piero Pavone: “With Ultima, we are continuing our journey as disruptors in the world of ad-buying and media strategy.”

Preciso has announced the launch of new integrated advertising solution, Ultima, which aims to deliver efficient and targeted native ads that drive engagement while minimising ad spend.

With consumers becoming less tolerant of disruptive ads when browsing or shopping online - and blind to more traditional advertising banners - the value of native has never been greater, added Preciso. In fact, the global market is set to reach $400bn by 2025, the company continued.

Preciso says its new Ultima solution provides a tool for native campaign management by:

  • Using machine learning technology to create personalised campaign creatives - e.g. text and imagery - and automatically embed them within web pages to combat banner blindness and drive engagement
  • Deploying AI bid-smart technology to optimise the bidding and buying process in real time, with the aim of ensuring only the most relevant ad placements are secured, minimising ad wastage and associated carbon emissions

Commenting on the launch, Preciso’s head of data & campaign analysis, Boomathi Boominathan, says: “As consumers’ banner blindness continues to drive advertiser spend from display towards native ad placements, we are well positioned to drive real value for the user, enabling them to immerse themselves in content directly relevant to what they are consuming on the page - rather than generic content based on previous clicks. This is what naturally makes native ads more effective and we’ve found a way to maximise that for our clients”.

Preciso CEO Piero Pavone adds: “With Ultima, we are continuing our journey as disruptors in the world of ad-buying and media strategy. This revolutionary product is already delivering higher CTRs and dwell time for our brand advertisers - while significantly driving down CPMs and site abandonment. What's more, those clicks are leading to sustained engagement - people really are reading the content that we’re putting in front of them. We are delighted with the initial findings.”

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