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PSC integrates EchoSign into its software

The Publishing Software Company (PSC) has now integrated EchoSign into its specialist magazine publishing software so publishers are now able to send confirmation notes with the terms and conditions attached and get them instantly electronically signed and returned.

EchoSign automatically records and stores the details of each document's history, so publishers can view every step. What’s more, says PSC, the electronic signatures collected with EchoSign are legally valid and enforceable in countries around the world.

According to PSC, “it is quite simply email order confirmations as normal and tick the EchoSign box. You can also add any PDF attachments (for example your terms and conditions) and any other documents that you want to be legally e-signed. An email is then sent to the signers, letting them know that your document is ready to be signed. With a few quick clicks, they can open, review, sign, and send the signed document back to you from their web browser or mobile device.”

EchoSign gives real-time visibility into the status of documents, so a user knows precisely when it’s opened, signed, and returned. Signed documents are securely stored in the cloud. Both parties get a certified PDF of the signed confirmation note. That makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it - in the office or on the road, says PSC.

PSC’s range of software aims to streamline the advertising sales process enabling sales teams to enter bookings with a minimum of keystrokes.

About PSC

PSC says: “PSC are experts at helping publishers streamline their business enabling them to accept more business without increasing their work force to earn more profit. The programs supplied to their clients are already managing more than 1,000 publications and invoices in excess of £25 million are emailed every month.”