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Publishers go live on PADN

News UK, dmg media and The Telegraph, three of the country’s major newspaper publishers, have gone live with the ‘Publishers Advertising Data Network’ (PADN).

Publishers go live on PADN

PADN has been created by Papermule with the aim of revolutionising the advertising supply chain by sharing key data between publishers and the suppliers of advertising material.

The data is shared, typically, between the source of the material to the publisher via an ad delivery vendor.

The first delivery vendor to integrate with its own technology is Qmuli with Specle and AdStream soon to follow, says Papermule.

Several other publishers have expressed interest in PADN and Papermule hope to expand the network to include all of the UK’s leading publishers.

According to Papermule, the PADN project started as a ‘light bulb’ moment at its Diss based development centre. While doing some data analysis of various customers’ ad management systems, it was noticed that a creative agency was chased for the same advertisement by four national newspapers all within minutes of one another. Further investigation revealed that this is an everyday occurrence with a staggering level of duplication. Papermule then looked to find a way to inform the agency ‘upfront’ of the various destinations of where the ad needed to be supplied alongside all the relevant production data that normally has to be manually entered.

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