Suppliers Spotlight

Welcome to our first subs special, an extended feature taking an in-depth look at the world of subscriptions. All of the insights and opinions come from leading suppliers of subscriptions services to publishers and from senior subs experts at UK publishing companies.

By James Evelegh

Suppliers Spotlight

This subs special consists of four separate sections:

Prospecting & conversion to paid subscription

Onboarding & delivering subscriber satisfaction

Renewing & maximising lifetime value

Suppliers Spotlight



AdvantageCS is the developer of Advantage – marketing, subscription and membership software for publishers. Leading companies rely on Advantage to manage their digital subscriptions, entitlements, magazines, bundles, e-products, memberships, conferences and events, continuity programs, product orders, payments, telemarketing and customer service.

Advantage also provides an integrated eCommerce platform, multi-channel sales, high availability, sophisticated business intelligence tools, and digital payment methods, EFT, direct debit, and credit card processing.

AdvantageCS is a privately-held corporation, and has been developing software for publishers since 1979. Financially sound, with a worldwide reputation for superior software and service, AdvantageCS is a trusted partner of many global information companies.

Air Business Subscriptions

Established in 1986, Air Business is a market-leader in global mail, fulfilment, distribution and subscription management for the publishing sector. Air Business Subscriptions (formerly known as Quadrant Subscription Services) has handled subscription management for magazines and journals since 1972. Our distribution arm has additionally served the publishing sector primarily for 34 years.

Air Business Subscriptions provides global solutions for print and digital using the latest technology providing time and issue-based subscriber management. We support market-leading subscription e-commerce platforms as well as product or membership management. We provide our clients with subscription marketing acquisition and retention strategies, delivering exceptional return on investment, all underpinned with business intelligence and data mining using the latest analytics tools.

Air Business has been a strategic partner of the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) for over a decade. As well as being a strategic supplier, we are a committed, active and loyal supporter of the publishing industry.

CDS Global

Delivering superior business results and consumer experiences for almost a half century, CDS Global is a business process solutions provider that uses the power of data and technology to support the entire consumer lifecycle. Identify and engage with your new consumers, manage their interactions, reduce costs, and increase revenue – all in one place.

We are a technology company, a data company, a marketing company and an operations company for a lot of things to a lot of businesses in a lot of places. We manage 200 million consumers for more than 1,000 brands and organisations across the globe. Our clients range from single-title magazine publishers and local non-profits to international media companies and multi-chapter charities.

As a Hearst-owned company, we benefit from the support, stability and vision that comes from their 130-year legacy. This support allows us to invest in technology and resources to support your business or organisation.

CRM Australia

crmSubscribe is an end-to-end subscription management software that’s helping publishers across the globe grow their community of subscribers. It's a genuine alternative to in-house management and even offers the flexibility to work alongside and improve your current system.

Founder and Chief Architect Alan Leech developed crmSubscribe more than 20 years ago to respond to many of the tech and logistical challenges publishers were facing. Everything from print magazines, newsletters and digital products can get into the hands and screens of customers faster, easier and cheaper than ever before.

Alongside their technically advanced systems, crmSubscribe prioritise usability and their support team, made up of people who are genuine experts on the help desk. Seamless onboarding, smarter autorenewal processes and multiple currency and paywall options are just a few of the features that are changing the way publishers manage and grow their database of subscribers.

The dsb Group provides subscription services for some of the biggest magazine publishers in the world and some of the smallest. Our ‘secret sauce’ is passion for great customer experience, years of experience in subscription marketing and the hottest application development and specialist integration resource in the business – all in-house – so we don’t rely on external developers with conflicting priorities. We innovate, move fast, provide added value and truly bring a breath of fresh air to your sales, marketing and CX strategies. We’re proud of our ability to overcome challenges and to bring new ideas and growth opportunities to clients.


We provide quality services to professional publishers. And, we do it really well.

ESco has been alive and kicking for over thirty five years – during these years, we’ve grown, worked our socks off, changed, learnt and become experts at what we do.

What do we do? Well, for starters, we know how to successfully manage your subscriptions, build your websites, analyse your data and fulfil your pretty exciting marketing campaigns. Not to mention, we put on a really good spread.

We love what we do – and it shows.


HH&S provides comprehensive marketing and fulfilment services. Our bespoke user friendly multi-channel subscriptions platform includes print, digital, home delivery and postal channels. The business had a long track record in consumer and trade promotional and direct marketing prior to focusing on subscriptions in 2007. We are strong advocates of innovation, including the launch of the Evening Standard’s smart contactless subscription card ‘EROS’ in 2007 and more recently the introduction of a flexible subscription solution and an integrated rewards scheme. The flexible solution at an acquisition level provides a more accessible entry point while also providing an effective offering to accounts considering cancellation.

HH&S has in-house creative and promotional marketing resource for the development of subscription acquisition and renewal campaigns.


InterMedia is part of the InterGo group of companies, who work together seamlessly to connect and deliver brands to consumers.

Implementing innovative subscription strategies is at the core of what we do. We specialise in bringing expert, market-leading circulation marketing and distribution services for publishers, designed to reach and grow the total audience of magazine brands. We use our extensive experience in magazine direct marketing aligned with the brand values of your product to reach and grow your total audience through exceptionally effective acquisition and retention strategies. Combining the best customer service, end-to-end fulfilment technology and direct mailing, we maximise reader engagement with your brand.

Our sister company, InterSend, is dedicated to complete logistics solutions. We provide comprehensive storage and eCommerce fulfilment together with worldwide direct mail and parcel distribution services. Our cost-effective solutions allow our clients to focus on what they do best in the knowledge that we’ll deliver on time, every time.


Jaicom's Kayak Subscription System offers publishers a broad range of CRM services and products, all customisable and installed according to the customer’s subscription management and customer service needs.

Kayak is delivered with a range of specific tools; for customer service, invoicing, accounts receivable, marketing and all sales, related to printed and digital products. Managing the subscription and distribution processes from the first customer contact to the delivered product. The mailing and distribution, including interfaces for printed products, also ensures a well-functioning logistics chain.

In terms of digital products, solutions related to managing read permissions, including interfaces, provide the opportunity to take advantage of Kayak’s centralised customer database in targeting and ordering various content. And with our flexible API-interface, Kayak can be integrated with pretty much any 3rd party software.

Our products are available as a service from private or public cloud (AWS), or on-premises if required.

Lineup Systems

Amplio is a ground-breaking subscription management platform that provides complete understanding of total customer value across your advertising and subscription revenue. An innovative blend of customer value data, unprecedented agility and smart journey creation makes Amplio a game-changer for media companies.

With Amplio you can: • Analyse audience data across your business & calculate total customer value • Quickly configure & deliver adaptive product offers, packages and nurture journeys • Benefit from built-in CRM and finance automation for the most efficient order-to-collection processes • Enjoy real-time billing, revenue recognition & reporting made to handle any subscription scenario

MPP Global

MPP Global provide the world’s first cloud solution to fully support print and digital subscriber management and billing.

Working with the largest media groups in the world, we reduce costs relating to legacy platforms and manual processes.

eSuite equips leading product and marketing teams with a fast, flexible and easy to use platform that helps them to action data-led strategies, extend print, physical and dynamic digital business models, and drive customer acquisition.

Supporting an extensive range of international payment types with auto-renewals, coupled with billing optimisation and churn prevention tactics, eSuite boosts revenue and lifetime customer value.

Publish Interactive

Publish Interactive helps high-value B2B research publishers deliver and manage their content through a software platform which offers authoring and workflow tools, licensing and subscriber management and usage analytics.

We enable innovative research delivery through SaaS technology. Our knowledge of research, publishing and technology has enabled us to build a platform that is uniquely dedicated to the demands of the research sector.

Our business is all about maximising the value of your research, enabling you to meet subscriber needs and drive revenues with our unique research publishing and monetising platform.

Our in-platform analytics provide an overview of research content use and customer behaviour to drive additional revenues and improve retention.

We ensure your customers’ experience is perfectly aligned to your brand, allowing you to give your subscribers the latest and greatest user experience.

(Publish Interactive is the trading name for Content Catalyst Ltd.)

The Engine Shed

The Engine Shed provides comprehensive business management software solutions specifically developed for the needs of the magazine and periodical publisher. As the very first software-as-a-service provider in this industry in the UK, we understand the challenges of delivering remote-working capable systems better than anyone. We also know that no two publishing companies are the same: we offer solutions tailored to individual needs, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

At the heart of our systems is a single customer view that transcends advertisers, digital and print subscribers, shoppers, prospect marketing activities and conference event management (whether online or face to face). Financial transactions are streamlined through the use of online payments and automated direct debit processing, improving cashflow.

Our custom management reporting capabilities offer ‘at a glance’ management dashboards summarising key indicators by business area.

Comprehensive APIs allow for integration with pre-existing systems: your data is available for any purpose.


Zephr is the world's leading no-code, customer journey orchestration platform, already working with organisations like NewsCorp, New Scientist, Private Equity International, Dennis Publishing, Condé Nast and many more.

Zephr helps publishing, media and digital businesses to gear up for the fast-growing subscription economy. Easily create high-conversion user journeys, rapidly build stronger customer relationships and dramatically boost retention rates and revenues.

Zephr's unique approach offers a best-in-class solution allowing non-technical teams to implement and manage customer journeys across the business. Bringing the business closer to the product!

Zephr makes it easy to create value and respond to change, whilst keeping your site highly secure. It is quick to implement, easy to use and is built for commercial teams from the ground up.

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