Telegraph launches travel podcast

The Telegraph has launched its first travel podcast series, Edgelands.

Telegraph launches travel podcast

Consisting of six weekly episodes, Edgelands follows adventurer Ash Bhardwaj’s expedition down the length of Europe's border with Russia, from the Arctic Circle to Ukraine. Along the way, Bhardwaj reveals untold stories from those living in the frontline of remote communities, giving listeners a unique insight into their lives and the lands they inhabit, says The Telegraph.

An adventurer, cameraman and travel writer, Bhardwaj spent time in Estonia with the Army Reserve, after which he developed a fascination with the communities that lie in the shadows of the former Soviet Union.

In 2018 he returned, this time armed with a microphone and camcorder to record Edgelands for The Telegraph. In addition to the podcast audio, Bhardwaj will provide additional content including videos, photographs and written features.

Hosting each episode is Greg Dickinson, writer and podcaster on the travel desk at The Telegraph.

Ash Bhardwaj said: “I first became curious about Russia and its European border after finding myself in Estonia with the British Army Reserve. It’s a fascinating region which draws you in and demands that you find out more. I can’t wait to share my adventures with the Telegraph’s audience in this exciting new travel podcast, Edgelands.”

Greg Dickinson said: “When I first met Ash, he unfolded an enormous map of Eastern Europe and enthusiastically ran his finger along the Russian border. I was immediately gripped. So we sent him out with a microphone and the Telegraph’s first-ever travel podcast was born. It promises to be a series full of surprises and discoveries.”

Head of Travel Editorial, Claire Irvin said: “Telegraph Travel gives our audience unparalleled inspiration and advice across print, digital and video and I’m thrilled that we can now innovate and excite them via podcasts, too. Ash’s expedition will appeal to the listeners’ thirst for adventure, love of storytelling, desire to know more about different places and cultures - and with Telegraph Travel’s expert recommendations, get out and explore themselves.”

Registered Telegraph customers can listen to each episode in advance, for free, one week before everyone else.

All six episodes of Edgelands will be uploaded weekly and available on podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify.

The first two episodes are available at