Telegraph produces media first Panoramic Advertisement for Tag Heuer

Telegraph Media Group (TMG) has revealed what it says is a media first print advertising format, promoting the luxury watch brand TAG Heuer.

The ‘Super Panorama’ ad, printed by Newsprinters, appeared in Saturday’s paper (1st November) and ran over eight consecutive broadsheet pages that folded out in the centre of the book. This is the very first time that this dramatic execution has run in a live production environment in a UK newspaper, says TMG.

Dave King, Executive Director, TMG, said: “It is always exciting to be able to produce a media first in print, and we are delighted to be doing so with Saturday’s panoramic ad. TAG Heuer is the perfect brand to be collaborating with on this – and I am sure that it has delivered the stand-out and impact TAG Heuer are looking for. Once again, TMG continues to pave the way both digitally and in print.”

Rob Diver, Managing Director, TAG Heuer UK, said: “Since 1860, TAG Heuer has committed itself to innovating and recognising others who challenge convention to create new possibilities. It’s therefore entirely appropriate that the brand should collaborate with The Daily Telegraph on this ground-breaking use of display advertising. We are delighted with the execution, a suitably disruptive approach to communication that in a crowded media landscape underlines our campaign’s central message: don’t crack under pressure!”