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Guardian launches new podcast

The Guardian yesterday launched Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph, a new weekly podcast series exploring, say the publishers, the biggest stories that have everyone talking.

Guardian launches new podcast
Chanté Joseph: “I've devoured so many of the Guardian's amazing podcasts over the years, so it is an honour to now be able to host my own.”

In each episode Pop Culture host, writer and journalist, Chanté Joseph will be joined by guests for funny, open and thought-provoking conversations.

According to the Guardian, guests will include people at the centre of the stories providing first-person views, as well as industry experts helping to delve deep into how pop and internet culture impacts our everyday lives. From the latest social media trends, to the reality behind reality TV, Gen Z stan culture and true crime obsessions.

The first episode looks at the return of pop and cultural icon Rihanna to the music scene. After six long years since she released new music, Chanté is joined by writer and broadcaster, Afua Hirsch who spent a night interviewing Rihanna back in 2020, to find out what makes the singer tick and to explore how she’s still so successful, after so long.

Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph will run for ten episodes, with a new episode every Thursday.

Chanté Joseph, Pop Culture host, said: “Hosting the Guardian’s Pop Culture podcast is an actual dream come true. I've devoured so many of the Guardian's amazing podcasts over the years, so it is an honour to now be able to host my own. Pop culture is right up my street, I've written about it for so long and have built a platform sharing my opinion on hot topics. I'm so excited for this podcast to launch and dive more into the stories we're obsessed with, hopefully teaching everyone something new each week.”

Nicole Jackson, head of audio, Guardian News & Media, said: “Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph is another great audio offering from the Guardian, adding to the unique range of podcasts currently on our roster. This podcast will delve into the biggest stories of the week by speaking to journalists, writers and those in the know to provide smart and funny analysis. I’m thrilled to be working with Chanté - she’s a huge talent with a genuine passion for all things pop culture.”

Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph builds on the success that the Guardian has had in creating podcasts for over fifteen years. The Guardian is one of the UK’s leading podcast producers, with a combined podcast network that enjoys millions of listens every month, say the publishers.

Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph is hosted by Chanté Joseph. The series has been produced by Hattie Moir and executive produced by Maz Ebtehaj. The original music by Axel Kacoutié and sound design is by Mau Loseto. The commissioning editor is Nicole Jackson, the Guardian’s head of audio.

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