My Jan/Feb takeaways

The January / February issue of InPublishing magazine has just been published. Editor James Evelegh lists ten takeaways from the issue.

By James Evelegh

My Jan/Feb takeaways

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Here are ten takeaways from the issue:

  1. Promote total readership. Newspapers have a story of growth to tell, but have allowed the market to fixate on declining print circulations. (Article by Ray Snoddy)
  2. Don’t allow interviewees sight of the article pre-publication. It’s time consuming and, assuming they request changes, unethical. You are not serving up independent content to your readers. (Dickon Ross)
  3. Brands care about the environment their ad will be seen in. Ads placed on a premium publisher’s website are in a safe environment. Ads placed on Facebook, err… aren’t. (Meg Carter interviewing Condé Nast’s Nick Sargent)
  4. Catch them young. If you have intelligent objective content, then consider a schools programme like the FT’s. It won’t cannibalise your sales, but will introduce your title to the buyers of tomorrow. (Ciar Byrne interviewing the FT’s Andrew Jack)
  5. Don’t be tempted to “greenwash”. Any claims you make about your environmental credentials need to be water-tight. (Jo Beattie)
  6. Know your stop rate: it’s a key metric for optimising paywall conversions. (John Barnes)
  7. Treat new media story sources with old media rigour. Social media is a great source of stories, but check and double-check … and trust no-one. (Peter Sands)
  8. It’s not just about plastic bags. Our coverage of the climate crisis needs to be more imaginative. Oh, and unequivocal that there is a crisis. (Liz Gerard)
  9. When it comes to business models, there is no single ‘right answer’. Having said, if you’re a predominantly print publisher heavily dependent on ads, then you are exposed. (Jim Bilton)
  10. Tips for increasing 'awards' revenues: i. Upsell whenever possible; ii. Increase size of shortlists; iii. Spend less time on admin, more on marketing. (Supplier profile (sponsored) of Evessio)